Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Belated 4th!

Good morning, all!

I hope all my US friends had a wonderful, safe and dry (because ours wasn't!) 4th of July! We attended the annual party of some good friends of ours and had a fabulous time, rain not withstanding.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day...

The gorgeous family in red are the Prehers. Amy and I have known each other since we were freshman in high school. Now her son is that age. Uh, yeah. I'm in denial! The cutie with his dad is Jackson. I've known Jackson's mom since she was 3...again, not helping!

These are my hot friends, Ange and Stacy. Stacy is REALLY hot like a firecracker. Her t-shirt says so and while I have the proof, I am electing not to share it here because a- Stace would kill me and b - I'm paying it forward! Nuff said ;)

These cuties are Joanna and Olivia. They go to school with Ethan and are good friends. They very sweetly asked me to take their picture...because they wanted to be in a magazine! Hee! It was getting really late by the time I took this, but I tried, girls. We'll see how it goes!
Here is one of the few I got of my own kids - this is Turner getting some of his 4th of July goodies 9like the necklace...and a tatoo..and a whistle..and tons of gum!) and Miss Sara. Sara was in Carson's preschool class and he just loves her.
Then it was time for fireworks. The kids got started with more sparklers than you can count while the big people went down the hill to set up the larger displays. Don't worry...Scott's a fireman so we were plenty safe with buckets of water everywhere for used sparklers and in case of a spark...not that the rain wouldn't have taken care of it but that's another story.
This is Isabella. I loved watching her face with the sparklers and then I caught this really cool blue light as she was waving it. I have NO idea how I did it and will most likely never be able to replicate it, but I thought it was soooo darn cool! And then finally it was time for some fireworks. I only got a few good shots as the rain really started to come down then, but they were gorgeous. Thanks again to Scott and Amy for a fantastic party and we're already looking forward to NEXT year!

This week is a busy work week for me and then I head out of town to Hotlanta on Thursday but I'll be back with some shares as soon as I can!

Have a wonderful Monday!



Melanie said...

what setting did you use for all th firework photos? Love all the photos. You did a wonderful job documenting your 4th festivities! thanks for sharing!!!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Girl, your photos are GORGEOUS! Love them all. :)


Colby said...

Love all the pics...your photos NEVER disappoint! What settings did you use for the fireworks pics? They turned out fabulous!

Ange said...

thanks for the shout out kelly! you are hot, too, by the way! it's a shame you can't post stacy's hot firecracker t-shirt on your blog - it's adorable!

Cynthia B. said...

Gosh, I wish you could send some rain over our way! ;) The pics are fabulous - thanks for sharing. Looks like a wonderful celebration of the 4th. :)

Stacy said...

oh yes - kelly IS hot like a firecracker. :) and it IS a hot picture! that's how i roll.... lol, smiles - s.

~wenhether~ said...

WOW! Awesome fireworks pics!!

Jocelyn said...

Love the pics an thanks for sharing with us!!! I was so proud..we got some awesome firworks shots also!!!! Have a great one!!!