Thursday, June 06, 2013

Simple Stories - Life Documented

Hey guys!

I just wanted to share with you a bit of my very first post over on the Simple Stories blog today! I'm so excited to be a part the Simple Stories team and am beyond excited to be working with these stunning products. 

As I mentioned when I first announced I was joining the Life Documented team, I only had one concern - would I be able to incorporate the Life Documented approach and philosophy into MY personal scrapbooking style.

And very quickly I arrived at the one word answer: YES!!

I already knew I'd loved the Simple Stories concept and the products! That was a no-brainer! Then I saw the new designs for the Pocket Pages and I was sold! I loved the idea that I could incorporate some of these new divided pages with my traditional scrapbooking pages for a whole new look that was still "me" but gave me so much more versatility! I've always been a fan of all scrapbook sizes so now I just have tons more to play with!

As a quick introduction to my project, I have to put out a disclaimer and tell you that for Mother's Day I got a brand new iPhone 5. Can you see where this is going? I have been wanting an iPhone for forever, mainly because of the quality of pictures it took...not to mention ease of Instagram-ming! (It's the little things, people!) To say I went on a photo taking spree with my new phone would be an understatement! I loved being able to take photos of things I might normally miss if I didn't have my big camera around. 
And guess what? Simple Stories had just what I needed to share my Instagram photos with ease! 
I {Heart} Summer Products Used: Expressions Cardstock Stickers, Chipboard Stickers, SN@P! Cards, SN@P Pocket Pages, 6x6 Paper Pad, Flair Badges, SN@P! Cuts, and 12x12 Collection Kit. 

Check out my right side using the SN@P! 12x12 Pocket Pages! Oh yeah! Those 4"x4" slots were perfect! All I had to do is print my photos, slide them in and my page was almost done for me! Plus using the I {Heart} Summer line made me completely happy! I adore the colors and um, hello - the CAMERAS and HEARTS on all the embellishments? I die!

One of my favorite product elements I used for the above pages (and yes, I know I used MANY!) were these awesome SN@P! Pages!! They are traditionally designed for the SN@P! Binders, but I couldn't help myself! The cutout pages were screaming to get on my page! I simply trimmed the edges of the punched holes, added patterned paper behind the cut-outs and instantly I had a new layered element that really made my photos stand out. Whats more is you can even draw attention to specific details simply by changing the color of paper that you choose just like I did with the hearts and clouds above. It's so fun using product in non-conventional ways and I really encourage you to try it! You'll be thrilled with the results!
I hope this post inspires you to branch out a little and try something new! I can never get enough different ways to scrapbook and this is just one more for me to try and fall in love with! I bet you will too!


Leslie Murphy said...

Oh! How I love how you've used the 6x8 pages. I've admired them for a while but never bought any because I didn't know how I'd use them in my traditional scrapbooking. Thanks for the great idea. :)

Michelle said...

I love how you used their pages. Such great pages and memories recorded. And because I am a photo nut and always gravitate towards photos, I love the photo of C with S, licking him in the face and S waiting for the boys to get off the bus. :) So sweet.

I am on the fence of getting a smart phone. Our contract is up in about 2 weeks. While I don't need the phone for all the things that most do, the camera has got me too. So here I sit, teetering on that fence, as there have been quite a few times I haven't had my Nikon with and missed great photo opportunities. So, do I need that fancy phone??

Suzy said...

ACK!!! I love your InstaLove with camera flair title. My friend Sandi and I just started a PL blog and would love if you checked it out :) We are giving away a Blush kit to help get the word out. Thanks Kelly!

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