Sunday, May 27, 2007

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & Chevrolet

Oh yeah! It's the start of Summer this weekend and we've been doing it up right! It was a trip to the pool today with a cookout tomorrow, but the biggest event for us has to be the start of Turner playing T-ball!
It's a huge deal around here as my son #2 is participating in his first sport, especially because it's different from the one his big brother plays. T was in his element. He loved having all the attention on him and he did so well and tried hard. We always knew he could hit a ball - turns out he has quite an arm too! (Makes his Daddy proud!)

So pass me a hot dog, please! It looks like we're in for quite a summer at the ball field! :)


Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

I just loved T Ball with my son!! Your Pictures are so cute!! He's just precious Kelly! Have a great summer!

Tracey Odachowski said...

He looks like a natural! And GREAT pictures, Kelly!

danielle said...

hi kelly! how fun! can't wait to go to my boys' games one day.. i hope you have a fab summer.. miss you girl! :-) hope you are doing well!

nic said...

Cool pics, Kelly! Bring a little summer over this way when you come :o)