Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Arizona is HOT!

Ok, so I know what an understatement that is...and trust me, I'm used to hot.

And humid.

But "Arizona Hot?"
Well, it's flaming hot.
And never mind that "dry heat" thing they try and sell you! That's just their way of trying to make you feel better!

Hot is HOT!

But that aside, it was an absolutely spectacular place to visit as I've never been to the desert.

I finally got to meet in person my longtime friend, Kim, who graciously picked me up at the airport and was my eversopatient tour guide for the day. I was in awe of the beauty that seemed to grow out of nothing. The flowers there were spectacular and thrived in those dry conditions...and sadly for her, I made Kim stop at each and every one for a photo. As gorgeous as it was, it was very strange to be in a place with no grass! We did the whole tourist thing, shopped the boutiques (so I could buy a piece of turquoise), bought shoes!, went scrapbook shopping at Scrapbooks, Etc (HOLY WOW!) and then ended the evening with a few cocktails at Tommy Bahama's with Laurie and Ally. It was an awesome day but let's just say I slept well that night! AND I managed to avoid purchasing scorpion suckers. (Don't ask.)

The next day I headed over the the Bazzill Warehouse for Creative Escape Preview Day. HOLY WOW!(again!) I can't even begin to tell you what heaven-on-earth that place is! Just imagine wall to wall stacks of paper (the "parent" sheets are about 2' x 3') in the largest warehouse you can imagine! I just wanted to roll around in all that yummy color! If I could have brought it all home with me, I would have! ;) Anyhow, preview day is basically a "dry run" for all the teachers so that we can get the kinks worked out of our classes before the actual event in the fall. I think that's such a wonderful idea and gives you just an idea at how committed Bazzill is to putting on a quality event. First up was Heidi, then me, Janet Hopkins and finally Laurie Stamas. I can't tell you what a treat it was to be able to sit in and take the classes of these amazing teachers beyond just teaching my own. The projects were absolutely phenominal and so unique. It killed me that I had to box all mine up and leave them at the warehouse until I come back in September. I want to play with them now! (Patience has never been my strong-suit!) We ended the day with a yummy dinner at Rumbi Grill and it was so nice to be able to sit and relax and catch up/get to know each other more.
Day 2 brought more classes with Jenni Bowlin (I LOVED hearing another southern accent there besides my own!), Tim Holtz and Jessica Guthrie (the Talent Search winner). LOVED these classes too and can I just say, that I have always loved Tim, but to take a class from him and get the "full experience" of his teaching style was off the charts! He's one dynamic man! After a quick dinner I collapsed back at my hotel for the early morning flight home. And now I can't wait to head back again in September!

(Btw, the warehouse photos were taken by Jessica - she was MUCH better about taking photos than I was - thank you for letting me "borrow" them!)


stephanie howell said...

soooo much fun-
and they are lucky to have YOU.
what a blast that will be!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Can't wait to see what you design with those great products.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! To have a weekend like that! Lucky girl. Glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, how fun!! Glad you had such a great time!

Anonymous said...

Okay Kelly
Just so you know it was 115 here yesterday with more predicted for today... which is why in spetember, when it is still around 105 we are looking for sweaters. Thanks for coming out and sharing your talent with us... Ally should have let me know you guys were going drinks (i thought she said lunch) that would have been fun. See you in september ;-) Melissa

Shannon said...

So glad you enjoyed our beautiful state...yep it is HOT but oh so wonderful in the Winter when everyone else is blanketed in snow....and it was a much drier heat this weekend then you will experience in September.

Can't wait to see the projects.

Queen of Paper said...

Oh Kelly, What I would have given just to have a mic in your pocket to I could listen in! You are so lucky and I;m happy that you know it! WOW Bazzill and all those amazing people!

Shanna said...

Oh Kelly! I miss home TERRIBLY! Sniff! Sniff! I am a native Arizonan born and raised. Lived there my whole life up until March when we moved here to Mississippi! I love the green and trees and swear that's the only thing keeping me sane! I was lucky enough to attend the first two Creative Escapes so I know how much fun it will be! Wish you could have taught then cause I would have loved to take your class! I am DYING out here without my Scrapbooks-Etc right around the corner from me! Have fun in September!