Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Easter and to announce the winners of the Coordinates Collections kits (sorry for the delay -see below!!)

We spent this beautiful day before Easter with a little football spring training (Ethan is being practiced as their quarterback right now!), a little yard work, followed by a little egg coloring. Quite the day, let me tell you. Here's a few pictures of the boys' handiwork. They got quite good, even doing multi-dipped eggs toward the end and then wondering why Mama didn't boil another dozen or so for them to color! (Um, because the one one who EATS them after we make them is ME??!)

Here's a little before:

Some during: (Carson was amazed - I think his mouth was open the entire time!

And then after - love some pretty colored eggs! :)

Ok, so on to the winners of the Coordinates Collections goodies!
The random number generator gave me these two numbers:


which means Shelley, you're the winner of the Puddles kit, and Danica, you're the winner of the Petals kit. CONGRATULATIONS!!! If you gals would email me your addresses at, I'll forward them on to Jamie at Coordinates Collections so you can receive your prize!

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter.


Jocelyn said...

Such great pics!!!! It is so much fun to color eggs and I love the expressions on the boys faces!!Have a Blessed Easter!!!

Cecile said...

Happy Easter Kelly!!!
Congrats to the winners!!Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly, when did they get to be so big???? WHOA! Seriously! And they are just oh so handsome, to boot!