Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ABC's of Me

Ok, some of this is a little hard to admit ;) but I was challenged by Sophia at 2peas to do an ABC list of me AND post a photo (I cheated a little and posted my avatar, but hey, I'm usually the one behind the fact I took THIS pic, so bare with me ;)). So here goes....

Blonde, Blessed
Creative, Compassionate
Erratic, Energetic, Effervescent
Flirt ;), Friend
Intelligent, Impulsive
Kind, Knowledgeable
Mother, Maid ;)
Opinionated, Organized
Persistent, Proud
Quality, Queen of my House
Stubborn (I'm a Scorpio, what can I say?;)), Scrapbooker
Vertically Challenged
Yellow-lover (at least lately!)
Zany (on occasion ;))


Sofia said...

Great list! I'm one of those stubborn Scorpios too. ;-)

Tonya said...

thanks for responding..i feel honored..i love the list gotta do one for myself..


Leah LaMontagne said...

LOL at Mother & Maid.

Jen said...

Love the list...and the rainbow effect. Cool :)

Michelle said...

Great List Kelly...I really don't think I could come up with something for every letter :)

Have a wonderful day

scott cotner-young said...

Just checkin ya out and wanted to say Hi!! :)

glo said...

awesome lists! =)

RACHEL =) said...

Wow, so awesome Kelly!!! Such a great list!!! =)

Linda Sobolewski said...

Love your blog Kelly! Awesome list too. Looking forward to saying hello to you at CHA next week!

Jana said...

Love how you did your answers in the rainbow colors.....see, you're a seasoned blogger already!! Love your answers!!!

collage said...

wow! very smart list.
totally love your banner

katie said...

hi kelly!!
Love this list!! you rock!!!

danielle said...

that is a beautiful pic of you kelly! :-)

Missy said...

you forgot sweet as can be :)

kendra said...

And Colorful Kelly comes through again. Love the rainbow-colored list!!!

Davinie said...

Hi Kelly! Love your Queen & Co. peeks and wanted to let you know I voted for your little buggar at Jones' Soda. Everyone needs a shot at their dreams every once in a while..... and I hope you are sippin' on a 6 pack of your son quite soon. :)