Saturday, September 30, 2006

Coming or Going??

Sheesh! I don't even think I know! It's been a crazy mad-house around here lately and I haven't quite figured it out yet!

Last weekend we spent down in Nashville at my sister-in-law's house. We had a great time seeing everyone - from aunts and uncles to cousins and Mimi. They were beside themselves. I hardly think they stopped all weekend....which was good and bad. They tired themselves out completely but almost too much. Poor Ethan ended up with a stomach bug on Sunday night right before we were to come home and was up all night with that. Thank goodness no one else got it and we seem to be settling back into the routine of being home....

Well, sorta a mother-in-law (Mimi) came up for the week to see the boys, so it's been a little crazy, but great. The boys love spending time with her and it doesn't happen enough, so they are delighted. And it's been a great help to me with all the Memory Trends deadlines I have this week. They're going to be sad to see her going tomorrow, but we're hoping to have a big send of with a Balloon Race first thing in the morning. The one they hold for the Derby every year was cancelled this year due to weather, so they have been dying to go since then. (And hopefully I'll have some great photos to share too :))

And before I forget, HUGEEEEEEE thank you to my awesometastic friend from downunder for her copious amounts of chocolate that showed up on my doorstep first thing this morning! It couldn't have come at a better time!! You rock!

Hope everyone is having a great day and stay tuned to my blog....there's another big give-away coming up in the next little bit - this time all new cherryArte!!! - and you'll want to get on this one! Wheee!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Big Boy & His Bike!

Waaahooooo!!! My Ethan is now riding his two-wheeler bike all on his own!!!! What a big day here at our house!!! (That and he's gotten 4 good conduct marks in a row at school....yes, it seems he had developed his mama's habit of talking too much! *sigh* ;))

Here he is....look out, road!!

Friday, September 15, 2006


It's official!!! I can finally spill my good news!! I have been chosen to be the Guest Garden Girl (GGG) at TwoPeas for the month of September!! I am so stinkin' excited and beyond thrilled that Kristina asked me to be a part! I hope you'll take a minute and check it out here!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sorry to be MIA!!

So sorry to be MIA lately, everyone!! Our internet has been down and I've been under the gun with deadlines! I hope you'll understand and check back soon for my news ;)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Day!!

It's been a great day around here!
  • The weather is just showing a hint of fall (my FAVORITE season) and is so sunny and beautiful.
  • The boys are back in school and Carson went without crying at all for the first time!!
  • Carson was the "Line Leader" at preschool and was so incredibly proud of it!
  • I got some FAB scrapbooking-related news!
  • We're grilling out for dinner tonight - YUM!
  • Tonight Rockstar Supernova AND House is on and I get to scrap!! Whee!
Yep, it's been a very good day!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

~~Rollin' on the River~~

*do do doo doo do do doo doo* (You're singing with me now, aren't you?)

Yep, yesterday we were rollin' on the river - the Ohio River that is. :)
Every summer, my family gets invited for a day out on my uncle's houseboat and yesterday was our day. We absolutely love it and the boys look forward to it all year long. We usus
ally meet up early afternoon, cruise along the river and then dock at one of the islands in between Kentucky and Indiana to cook out, play on the "beach" and explore.
It turned out to be unseasonably chilly this year, but we still were able to do most our usual activities with the exception of playing in the water and we got to do some new things too! Ethan learned how to tie a knot to help secure the boat when we docked, Carson got his first lesson in captaining (boy, am I going to have to watch out for this kid - he loves anything with a steering wheel!), and Turner kept busy with either of the two dogs my uncle had on board as they would let him! ;) We had a wonderful day, an amazing lunch and really enjoyed the fact that it wasn't as hot as normal for a change!

as usual, it wouldn't be right unless I shared a few pics!! Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day (except for you, Dawn - NO LABOR FOR YOU!! 'k??!)