Sunday, July 30, 2006

Taking a cue from a few friends - Ask Kelly

I've been determined lately to keep up with this blog and not let it die a slow, horrible death, but frankly? Sometimes there's just not much to say (except for this weekend we're re-doing the boys' room but I'll get into that and post pics later! ;)).

SO...I'm taking a cue from a couple of friends of mine, Amy and Angela and opening up an "Ask Kelly" session. I've had a few ladies drop me a line lately asking about one thing or another, and I thought it just might be something other people would be interested in. I'm ready for anything so if there's something you've always wanted to ask, please do! (Lurkers too! ;)) I'll be happy to answer as best I can. I think I'll leave this up until probably Tuesday night and then start replying.

Don't be shy! Ask away!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's not always easy...

You ever have one of those weeks? We've been having one here, I'm afraid. One of those weeks where it's either been too hot or too rainy to go outside much. One of those weeks where the kids are going crazy and we're about to pull our hair out? Yeah. One of those. So to work through it a bit, I did this layout last night using some Queen & Co. fab flowers.

The journaling reads:

It's not always easy...
To be the parent
To have to enforce the rules

To be the responsible one

To set the boundaries
To be the example.

It's not always easy...
To be a child
To be the oldest brother

To behave
To do what's right
To listen

To learn

To grow up

But it's
always easy to love you.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Obsession

Some of you know about our awesome bus driver, Mr. Scott. I've even done a scrapbook page about him before because he was just such an important part of Ethan's Kindergarten year. This man is beyond amazing for many reasons, but the best reason is because he and Ethan really took a shine to each other. They are buddies with a mutual admiration society. Anyhoo, I got thinking on this subject because school is starting up again soon (as I mentioned in my last post), so Mr. Scott has been making his rounds, practicing his route and getting things ready and in shape for the first day. What this means for us is that the bus has been going by our house everyday for the past few days and it sends my boys into a tizzy - especially Carson. Carson LOVES buses. He points out every stinking bus we see anywhere we are. Even mail trucks are called mail "buses." He's a boy obsessed. So we thought it would be neat (and Mr. Scott agreed) to let Carson actually ride on the bus around the subdivision one afternoon. Oh boy. You would have thought the kiddo won the lottery. He was SO excited. Um, that is until the bus actually came. For some reason, that changed his mind. I admit seeing that huge yellow bus parked in front of our house was a bit of an awesome site. So I tried to carry him onto the bus but he'd have none of that as he clung to my neck. He reluctantly went to Daddy who tried and actually managed to get him on the bus - but his lip was stuck out so far, you could have landed a plane on it! Lol But we managed to get them on a ride around the block (it didn't hurt that Mr. Scott bribed him with M&M's! Gotta love a boy who will work for chocolate!). The look on his face when he came back was entirely different. He LOVED it (can you tell?!). I'm somehow doubting this will curb his obsession!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Summer School - Goree-style!

I don't know about where you live, but around here school starts in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!!! Where did the long, lazy, three-month Summers I had as a kid go?? Nowadays they only get 8 weeks. Seriously! I'm telling you, it just seems like we got started with Summer on one hand, yet come mid-afternoon it can seem like ages and those two weeks like two months! So because school starts in TWO WEEKS, we are having to get back into "school-mode" as we've been (ok, *I've* been) a little lax lately and we've all got some catching up to do for it.
It's hard for me to believe Ethan will be in 1st grade, Turner in 4 yr old preschool and Carson in the 3 yr pr
ogram. To help get them prepared, we've been working on reading, spelling and math with Ethan; numbers, the alphabet and writing with Turner; and counting and ABC's with Carson. It's too cute to see them huddled around the dinner table doing their work. But in the heat of the summer, sometimes you just have to change things up a bit - kind of like when you were in college and you'd beg your professor for outdoor classes? Well, today, we did school summer-style. Outside we went armed with sidewalk chalk, soccer balls and Frisbees. Ethan got his math problems written on the driveway. Turner and Carson counted steps as they walked, pointed out colors and played "I Spy." It was a lot of fun…and hopefully, it taught them something as well. And well I wouldn't be a scrapbooking, summer-schooling mom if I didn't take a few pictures. ;) Here's Ethan working hard (and one of Mr. Turner just a little fed up with his Mama ;))

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Come on Partay Peopleeeeeee!! It's CHA in Spirit Day in the Pub at 2peas! Those of you that are bummed like me about not getting to attend the show, go visit and party! TONS of chances to participate and win cool goodies! It'll be running til Midnight EST. It's sure helped me smile today...that and I got an email from Ms. Shannon from the show with some fantabulous news! Totally psyched about it!

AND....a little plug for BasicGrey here since I'm missing dinner with the girls (and Greg! ;)) tonight. I want to hype up their new lines LILY KATE and GYPSY! (as if they need it!) These lines are just scrumptious! I love the subtleness of Lily Kate and Gypsy for me is a cross of 2 of my favorite lines - Lollipop Shoppe and Urba
n Couture. If I'm not careful, it's going to give my Color Me Silly a run for it's money! ;) Here are the images of the new goods! ORDER ORDER ORDER! You'll love them! :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

CHA Blues & a new Layout

I've got the blues. The CHA bluessssss.... My trip to Chicago for the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) show fell through at the last minute. And no trip for me makes me a pretty darn sad girl. I've been pouting about it most of the day, even had to call up poor Shannon on the road and bother her (or more accurately to give her someone to blame if she got lost ;)). So I've been trying to keep busy and keep my mind off of it, but not doing the best job.

My first step to consoling myself was to post this new layout I did for BasicGrey that WILL be at the show even if I will not. I can't help it. This layout just m
akes me smile when I see it. That's my ham of a Carson cheesing it up for his mama. Love that face. Love that boy. And I admit. It helped. For a minute.Then I ran errands. Usually getting out of the house for a few helps pick up drooping spirits. Not so much today, but better than sitting at home, right? And tonight, I got a surprise call for one of my fave layouts by ST (Scrapbook Trends) for their November issue (when I had submitted it for OCTOBER!). Ok, not so bad. Until I remember that my friends are all shopping on Michigan Ave right now without me. Buy me something cute, girls....there are scrapstores on Michigan Ave, right?? ;)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Baby is going to PRESCHOOL!

Boy, it must be hormones or something (can we say PMS?). I've been so sentimental and sappy lately. Take today for instance. Today we get an acceptance letter in the mail that Carson has been officially enrolled in a preschool program. YAY! This is wonderful news. We've been working toward it for a few months now and he really needs the social interaction it'll bring. But when I got the letter today, I cried.
Really cried.

Because that letter meant that my baby will be gone from me four mornings a week just like his two big brothers. I'm especially hit hard because Carson is the only one out of my three that's a Mama's boy. He and I are two peas in a pod and I can't imagine spending most of the day without him. That and..well...there are no more babies at my house, ya know? I'm just so not ready for this. Carson is, mind you. He's so excited about the school and the bus he can't see straigh
t. Me? I dread it so much I can't see straight...through my tears. Does it ever get easier? *sigh*

Ok, so in honor of my BIG little he was at just three days....and now at almost three years. *sniff*

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Feeling Nostalgic...

As most of my scrappy friends know, my year as a Memory Makers Master (an annual contest held to find 10 top scrappers each year to work closely with Memory Makers Magazine) is coming quickly to an end. It's been one heck of a ride and I am truly grateful for the experience. I learned so much over this past year, got to work with some amazing people and became friends with some of the most talented scrappers out there. So if I don't tell you, ladies, let me take the opportunity now to say to Valerie, Angelia, Vanessa, Danielle, Jessica, Suzy, Susan, Amber, and my dearest friend Lisa - thank you all for this year. It was an honor to work with you and you 9 are truly amazing people and scrappers.

The next MMM contest deadline is fast approaching (July 31st to be exact) and I know alot of ladies are scrambling trying to get their entry done (GOOD LUCK!!) and alot of them have questions about forms and all the paperwork they have to fill out. I put this out on the Pub at 2Peas to try and help out and I thought I'd also put it here for those that might need it. Below is my original (Joy and Comfort) layout for the 2006 contest - front and back. (please click on the image to get it larger.) I hope it helps and if you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

I wish this years winners only the most wonderful year as a representative of Memory Makers and hope that it is everything that they wish it to be :)

P.S. for those that asked - that brown tab was part of the box I sent my entry in. It had a prayer on it and the editors cut it out and saved it for me when they returned my layout :)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Queen & CK POTD!

Hi all! :) Just a quick post this time (I know, don't fall over, right?!) to show you guys the new Queen and Company chipboard in the Cloud 9 line. I think that line is just MADE for the moms of boys and it's probably my favorite of the lines, old or new, just because of it. LOVE the splash of orange with the blues and greens. Just yum!

This is my Turner at a 4th of July party. You can't PULL that kid away from the slip-n-slide!

Did you see this on the Creating Keepsakes Website?? Lisa Bearson is sitting in for Erin Lincoln this week and she picked my new Q&Co. Layout as Page Of The Day (POTD)! It's probably as close as I'll ever come to Lisa B. knowing my name, so I'll take it! ;) Check it out! And thank you to my friend Christine J. for letting me know!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ABC's of Me

Ok, some of this is a little hard to admit ;) but I was challenged by Sophia at 2peas to do an ABC list of me AND post a photo (I cheated a little and posted my avatar, but hey, I'm usually the one behind the fact I took THIS pic, so bare with me ;)). So here goes....

Blonde, Blessed
Creative, Compassionate
Erratic, Energetic, Effervescent
Flirt ;), Friend
Intelligent, Impulsive
Kind, Knowledgeable
Mother, Maid ;)
Opinionated, Organized
Persistent, Proud
Quality, Queen of my House
Stubborn (I'm a Scorpio, what can I say?;)), Scrapbooker
Vertically Challenged
Yellow-lover (at least lately!)
Zany (on occasion ;))

Monday, July 10, 2006


Oh, my. You have no idea how excited I am to show you all this wonderful goodness today that is Queen & Company! I got the go-ahead from Nic to post these amazing images so I jumped right on that! (Please click on the image to see it larger) Isn't this YUMMMMMMY stuff? Omgosh! I'm too excited, especially over the gorgeous chipboard alphas and teeny mini-brads! What fun! And it's coming out in 5 new themes with awesome color combinations.
They are:
Make Waves
Soul Mate
Scrap in the City and

My package just showed up on doorstep calling my name to come scrap...and you know I listened! I've already completed a layout using the new HOTTIE line (see above). I hope you like it! ;) So if you're going to CHA - designers or store owners alike - be sure to stop by Q&Co's booth #617 and gobble this stuff up!

He's SO not getting his license when he's 16!

So guess who learned to drive yesterday? Oh, yes. That's my baby boy behind that wheel. And let me just start by saying this kid is *so* not getting his license when he's 16!
This kid is a little stinkin' speed demon. He mastered how to maneuver this little jeep in just one quick afternoon and it wasn't long before he was chasing after one of us (parents or brothers) at breakneck speed...ok, well as fast as the jeep would go anyway, but still! And, yes, that made him positively giddy. Check out that grin.

These pictures were taken as I was running backwards trying to avoid him running me down. That's ok. He won't think it's so funny in a few years when he wonders at 16 why he doesn't have his license! I'm saving this photo and post for evidence. ;)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I am a DOG person.

Really. I am a dog person. Not saying anything against the cat people of the world, but I have always loved dogs - sometimes even a bit too much as evidenced by the faint scar on my upper lip where one bit me when I tried to get a little too close. And eventually, we will have a dog in this house again because, well, I am a dog person. (I'm sure you're getting the point, here? Can you figure out where this is going? ;))

So. My neighbor has 2 cats and a litter of 7-week-old kittens (the 2nd litter in 6 months mind you because she hadn't gotten the cat spayed). I dutifully ignore said cats, even the cute fluffballs of 7-week-old newness. Why? Because I am NOT a cat person! It would be nice if it ended there, but sadly it doesn't.

The other day - right before the 4th of July weekend - my neighbor goes away for the holiday. She leaves all 6 cats out the entire time she is gone with no food, no water, no shelter. I admit it, I got angry. Even though I am not a cat person. I was especially angry for the four kittens who were barely weaned yet expected to make it on their own for the 5 or so days my neighbor was gone. And then we begin to feed said cats. We gave them water, the kittens milk and all of them a wee bit of tuna that was all we had in the house we could think to give them. That's when we noticed it. The cutest of the kittens - a teeny little orange tabby - had a skin issue. Flies were swarming all over it like it was dead. And I got livid. So I called animal control to come and take these kittens as I just could not. I figured it was their only shot at survival, even if it was a slim shot. At least there, they'd have shelter, food, water and possibly get treated for their disease. And you know what? I didn't feel bad at all about doing it. My neighbor doesn't deserve those cats. She came back for 2 days between the holiday and the following weekend and didn't even look for them. Now she's gone again, once more leaving out the adult cats.

And that's when it happened.
Suddenly, *we* have two cats. They sleep on our porch, get fed and watered and showered with love by my boys. Particularly Turner. Who *is* apparently, a CAT person. *sigh*

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(That's T with the sweet orange tabby we had to send away...and with Peanut this morning. See? Cat Person...but I love him anyway ;))

Friday, July 07, 2006

And the WINNERS are.....

CONGRATULATIONS to Jana, Dallas and Debbie for winning the BasicGrey prize packs #1, #2 and #3, respectively...and also to my friend Carol for winning the consolation prize!

Ethan picked them fair and square so you can take any issues up with him! ;) (btw, he's not above bribery the next time around. I heard he would like Freddos Frogs if he ever had some *ahem
Nic Howard ahem*) Anyhow, I hope you ladies enjoy your goodies! And if you would, please each of you drop me a note with your addy (to and I'll try and get these packages shipped out to you next week! Thank you to everyone for playing! It was alot of fun for me (and I hope you, too!). I'll have to do it again sometime!

I also wanted to give y
ou all a little peak at the new cherryArte rubons that are to be released this month if you haven't seen them already. Lu has them up on preorder on the site right now if you want to check them out further. (You can see more detail of these by clicking on the photo). They are being shown here in black, but come in white as well for all of these designs. Aren't they divine?! I can't wait to get my hands on these and play! I LOVE rubons! And if you think these are fab, just WAIT for the chipboard!

Jones Soda Label

I have to admit I have always had a couple of goals for myself way on the back burner in the deepest recesses of my head. I have almost wanted even them more than I've wanted any scrapbook-related goals (and trust me, that's saying alot!).
My first goal was to become known and/or respected for my photography skills. I took some generic photography courses in high school, have always had what I would call a "good eye" for composition and design (that art degree wasn't for nothing, mom, really) and have loved, loved, loved to take photos with a passion. And I took alot. And I entered a few contests and had some success. And it pretty much ended there. Lately, that passion has been re-ignited in me and I'm working on doing more, learning more, practicing more to improve my photography skills. Occassionally I'll come out with a photo that just makes my heart stand still. The lighting is just right, the composition just right, the focus spectacular and I'll think that I'm not too far away from my goal....which leads me to my second goal.

Jones Soda Label.

I'm serious now when I say that. For me, having a photo selected for the Jones Soda label is a huge accomplishment and one of my deep seeded goals I've had for myself ever since my sister-in-law, Dawn, introduced me to them a few years ago. Have you seen the photography they include on their labels? It's outstanding, every one. And so after I took one of those heart-stopping pics I mentioned a second ago, I took a deep breath and submitted it to their gallery for possible inclusion on a future lable/bottle.
And this is it:

And I think it would be so stinkin' cute on a real bottle of Jones Soda. So if you agree, please, go
here and vote! And just maybe this label will be at a store near you soon!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sneak Peak :)

Hey all! Since I'm lacking of something fun to post about today, I thought I'd give a little sneak peak of a fun
cherryArte project that the dt is going to upload to the site tomorrow. This month we got to alter one of the stinkin' cool Maya Road chipboard books. CA has done a product swap with the gals on the Maya Road dt and it's been such fun to play with their yummy products! This is a shot of the cover using the new Tropics line. The colors are just incredible in this line - so saturated and fresh looking! And yes, it appears I, too, have been bit by the doodling bug. I don't know what to make of it or if I'll do it again, but it sure was fun to try.

In other scrap-related news, I'm getting so excited to head up to Chicago for CHA! Shannon Z. and I are road-tripping it again this year and it should be tons of fun (especially if we keep our yaps shut during critical exit times. She'll tell you it's all my fault, but I wasn't the one driving ;)) We're going to be staying at the Doubletree right across from the convention center so it'll be so much more convenient than having to worry about shuttles or finding places to part. AND the best part is that Joanna, Erica and Jen are going to room with us. I've adored these gals online for forever and it'll be fab to finally meet them face-to-face. I'll be working make-n-takes at the Memory Makers booth at I think 9:30 and 3 and will probably pop into both the BasicGrey booth and Queen & Company booth in between running around on the floor. If you see me, please be sure to stop and say HI! :D

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Tribute...of Sorts

I know today is the 4th and most people would probably blog about their bbq or other fun celebrations, but eh, I already did that. So today I'm taking a different turn. See this picture of me? The beautiful woman standing beside me is my best friend. Right now she's going through a major life event and moving from her home of the last 15 years in Nashville to head back north to be closer to her family and her husband's job. This has been a huge change for her as she spent her adult years in the south and really considers it her home, yet she's excited for the future ahead for her and her husband. Because of that, I am extremely happy and excited for her...and looking forward to visits to the Jersey Shore with my crew in tow (or not ;)).

But on a personal note, we haven't been further apart than 3 hours for the past 15 years. And even though we didn't visit lately as much as we should have, I still knew she was there...and COULD have. So this move has been hard on me, too, and I'm going to miss having her close. This is for you, Ann Marie. It's about time that I'm finally doing a layout about us (ok, I've put it off so long because we could never agree on what constituted a "good" pic of either of us! lol) and while I can't share it yet online, I wanted everyone to know just how important you are to me. Here's the journaling (and please note our clothing colors in above picture when you read this!). I love you, Roomie! Happy 4th of July.


Peach and Pink. Those two words just about say everything there is to say about us. We're night and day. A little 5'1 and a glamorous 5'7" (but seriously, it's like 6' with her heels!). Brown eyes and blue. Long hair and short (though we're getting closer and closer to the same color at least, in part, thanks to Miss Clairol!). South and North. Vinegar (yes, I'm calling ME the vinegar) and oil. Yep, that's us.

We're as different as we can be, on the surface. But when you look closer, you'll find that we compliment each other so well that we're like two halves of the same person. Your Libra evenness balances out my Scorpio rashness. Your fun nature makes me do things I'd never do on my own. My creative energy gets your decorating fever going. We complete each other's sentences. We both watch (and are learning from) "What Not to Wear!" My boys call you Auntie and when the day comes that you're blessed with your own, that will be my name too.

Well before the full seventeen years we've known each other (I'd even say from the moment you walked into my dorm room), we have been the best of friends. Yet it's so much more than that, even. We are the sister that neither of us ever had. You and I have faced just about ever major milestone together. You're my rock, my confidant and I love the moon and back."

Monday, July 03, 2006

FREE STUFF! (BG free stuff at that!)

Everyone likes free stuff, right?? And in the interest of my sanity, promoting my baby blog and a desperate attempt to keep BasicGrey from completely taking over my entire teeny scrap-space, I have decided I'm going to have a huge BasicGrey Give away! I have compiled over 2 1/2 inches of BG papers, etc...from Motifica lines, to SweetPea Jack/Alyssa to Lollipop and Skate Shoppes. There are three big prize packages and one consolation prize ;). They are numbered and shown here. Can you believe all that BG goodness?!

Here are the packages:

Package #1 includes: Coordinating pieces of Motifica, Sweet Pea Jack and Skate Shoppe (perfect for a mom of boys!)

  • 49 pieces of Patterned Paper
  • 4 sets of tags
  • 3 sets of cardstock alpha stickers
  • 1 set of Cardfolders

Package #2 has: Coordinating pieces of Sublime, Sweet Pea Alyssa and Lollipop Shoppe (a girlie dream!)

  • 37 pieces of patterned paper
  • 4 sets of cardfolders
  • 4 sets of monogram alphas
  • 2 sets of cardstock alpha stickers

and Package #3 contains: Coordinating pieces of Motifica, Vagabond and Lucky

  • 44 pieces of patterned paper
  • 3 sets of cardstock alpha stickers
  • 3 sets of monogram alphas
  • 1 set of tags
  • 1 set of cardfolders

I think I'll let the consolation prize stay a's all BG but a hodgepodge of all kinds of goodies. You just don't know what could be in there but if you look closely at the pic, you might just get an idea! ;)'s what to do....Post on this blog by Friday at Noon Eastern time which prize you're interested in - 1, 2 or 3. I will have three seperate hats and one of my able assistants (read one of the boys ;)) will draw for each package. When those three are chosen, the remaining names will be pooled together and the consolation prize awarded. So have at it! Be sure to say hi too!

Banner Frustration - sorta FIXED! YAY!

Ok, everyone. I created a banner to go at the top of my new stylin' blog and well, I can't figure out how to get it there. I thought I could read HTML code enough to figure it out as I managed to get that cool slider and my links in my sidebar, but alas, the banner is alluding me. So if any of you can help me figure out where before the upteen */ that my link is supposed to go, I will love you forever!

Thanks to the tutorial of the amazing Lindsay Teague, I got this darn banner up. I have realized it's a bit wider than I like and I still have my title showing through (it wouldn't let me erase it, Lindsay! Darn it!) but it's better than the generic! Thanks to Kim M. for pointing me in the right direction! :) (Guess I'm lovin' you forever, girlie! ;))

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Celebrating the Red White & Blue!

We celebrated our Independence a little early this year with our traditional party at our friends, the Prehers. As always, their Annual 4th Bash lived up to it's reputation! Amy and her husband Scott always go all out for this event and it shows! There was a Bouncy Castle, tatoos, swimming, slip-n-slide, cotton candy, glow sticks, sack races and more for the kiddos...plenty of food, drinks, music, games and conversation for the adults (even an adult sack race which was hilarious but moving so fast so late that I couldn't get a decent pic of it!). My boys had a ball running around, getting a taste of freedom without their parents under their feet, and enjoying a bit of a sugar rush with all the goodies around. Hoyte and I had fun getting some adult conversation, a few adult beverages and getting a chance to be silly and kidlike ourselves! There's no doubt why we look forward to this party every year! Oh and the fireworks! I can't forget to mention the fireworks! The were amazing (and always get bigger from the year before) and Carson's face was just priceless. He sat on my lap the entire time watching raptly, clapping after big explosions and oooohing at everything as it glittered down. We've already marked our calendar for next year's event! :D

(And hey, check it out - I've managed two days in a row! ;) Stay tuned tomorrow for the "Great BASICGREY Give-away!")

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Wow. Ok, I'm finally using this account I think I've had set up for over a year! I have to confess that I did try to blog before, was terrible at it, and abandoned it quickly. We'll have to see if that changes! Bare with me and pester the heck out of me if you find me slacking. I promise I won't mind.

I want to start by wishing everyone a very wonderful (and safe!) 4th of July holiday weekend. The crew and I will be attending the Preher's annual 4th Bash later on today. It's the party we look forward too all year - ALL of us - since the kiddos can run and be wild...and so can the parents! *grin* The boys are all ready in their matching Old Navy t's and have already been pestering me about when we'd be going. Here they are in anxious anticipation....I must admit this photo is a few days old. They just couldn't wait to break out their shirts so I took their annual photo a wee bit early (gotta do it when the gettin' is good, kwim?!)

And I can finally share some big news I had been holding in. I have just been added to the Queen & Company Design Team!!! I'm so incredibly excited to be working with these amazing products and to be associated with the 11 other phenominal women on the team. If you don't know these ladies, you must check them out. They totally rock. They are:

and me...amazing, huh? ;) Have a great day everyone! I hope to be back tomorrow with some awesome pics of the party!