Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday, My baby :)

My firstborn turned 7 today. Where does the time go? I tried to tell him just why this day was so important, not only to him but to me as well. Somehow I don't think he completely got it though I know most of you reading this will.

On this day seven years ago, not only was Ethan born, but I also became a Mama - the most amazing thing on this earth. So Happy, Happy Birthday, my sweet boy :) I love you more than I can say.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Seen from our front door...

I must admit to you that I am, in many ways, a HUGE dork. I am sappy and sentimental and I can drive my husband crazy with my obsessiveness...and nothing brings all those elements out of me at once as much as Christmas time. I love love love Christmas and everything about it, but what I love most are the wonderful sights of the particular the beautiful twinkling lights.

That love of lights is long standing with me. I can even remember back to when I was a little girl and I used to lay under our Christmas tree in the front family room. I would stare for hours at all the pretty colored lights. (Yes, I am child of the 70's/80's so not only did we have colored lights, until the early 80's they were HUGE and they twinkled ;)) I remember being so upset the year my mom switched from my beloved Christmas lights to the hated solid white strands. I pouted for days....well years, really...on end about that. Over the years I have finally come to terms with those white lights because truly, it didn't matter what color they were, only that they sparkled and twinkled just for me.

So I am guessing it should be no surprise that I emblazon my house in holiday lights. From the icicles and shrub netting outside to the 1000+ lights on my little 7' tree (yes, I shorted out a circuit doing that this year!) - my house is bathed in the warmth of those lights. And my poor husband bears the brunt of it all. No, I don't mean I make him put up the lights, I make him LOOK at them with me. And look. And look. From the street we look. From the porch we look. From the back room we look to the tree in the front room. We look, and look, and look some more. ;)

Tonight as we were doing our "looking", I was suddenly captivated by the site of our front parlor through the wreath on our front door. I could see our tree, our stockings, our wedding portrait, our hardwood floors - all the things that I love - and the sight completely filled my heart. That was magic to me - a magic full of the warmth and love that is Christmas. I hope each and everyone of you reading this have the most beautiful and special of holidays, whatever they are to you, and I leave you with the site that captured me. Love to you all. ~Kelly

Sunday, December 17, 2006

All I want for Christmas

Ok. This is so ironic. For children who have NEVER wanted to have anything to do with Santa, I've got more pictures with Santa this year than ever! Seems my wee ones are adamant about what they want on their list and they're making sure the big guy knows it!
So yesterday we went to the Mall (yes, we braved that torture - better that than TRU anyday to me ;)) and visited Santa - or his helper as Ethan said. (But if you ask me, this was one of the most realistic Santas I've ever seen!) I made sure to stand to the side an secretly take a few pics. I didn't use the flash because I didn't want to attract attention to what I was doing, so they are a wee bit blurry/grainy, but still some pretty neat shots if I do say so myself - of course, I don't have much to compare them too, either! ;)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dear Santa:

"I love Christmas. I want an x-boxs, a remote control airplane...." and so it goes. This is just part of Ethan's letter to Santa this year. All three boys made out their lists last night and it was so fun to hear what they wanted Santa to bring them. Of the three, only Carson was smart enough to ask for candy (that's my boy! ;)), and once Carson heard what was on Turner's list, he had to put some of it on his list too, but TWO of them...just so he'd have more! Stinker! Anyhow, they rolled them up and placed them in Santa's Mailbox ornament we have, waiting for the big guy himself to check his list twice. Such a good time! *This* is Christmas to me :) Hope yours is just as merry....

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shimelle's Christmas Journal

Ok, this is the most amazing class I've ever taken - so what if it's the first class I've ever taken! HA! I have completely come to love Shimelle Laine and her glittery posts! She's such a cutie and the Christmas Album class is truly inspiring. And let me tell you, after the sick-filled weekend we've had around here, I could sure use some inspiring!

I think I first heard of Shimelle a year or two ago now when I saw all these amazing albums coming out of her holiday album class. I immediately had put it on my "to do" list and then (as is par for the course) promptly forgot. I was reminded again last year when my friend Lisa signed up to take it, but this year's excuse was that I was too late. Apparently, I just don't "do" Christmas when it comes to scrapping. It must be the lack of time, the lack of decent pictures, the lack of something and well, it just never gets done.

So this year I was determined to be different and this time I am actually doing it! I've had such a ball and was hoping you don't mind me sharing a few pages here and there. I'm desperately behind, but swimming to catch up!

I decided to use a small 6x6 SEI album and all BasicGrey papers - from the Blitzen/Dasher lines. My common element (as I'm sure you'll soon see) is a little cut out tree that you'll find somewhere on every page.

Here is the Cover and Title Page:

The Dedication Page and Christmas Weather Page:

My Advent Calendar & Card Pages:

The mini card on this page is actually a replica of the Christmas Cards I sent out this year.

Holiday Shopping and Views of Christmas Around Us Pages:

Ok, I have to say by FAR the shopping page is my fave ;)

Thanks for letting me share! Hope you had a wonderful, stress-free shopping weekend!

Friday, December 08, 2006

As Promised....

I said you'd be the first to hear if Ethan sat with Santa....

Hold on to your hats, people - this is HUGE.
Not only did Ethan SIT with Santa, he even TALKED to him. It's a regular Christmas miracle - my son who's been so timid of anything in a costume finally decided at almost 7 years old that it wasn't so bad if the man in the suit was going to bring him stuff! ;)

Ok...and I also promised the story of the Christmas Squirrel. I was so hoping to have pics to go along with this story, but none of them have turned out very well so far this year, so I'll post the layout I did telling the story. It's a few years old now (so judge accordingly ;)) and was one of the first ones I ever had the nerve to post at 2peas ...

"This year Daddy decided to share with you boys "The Legend of the Christmas Squirrel." As it goes, this legend tells of a little squirrel that lives in the Christmas trees of all the good little boys and girls. This squirrel is a magical squirrel, of course, and his tail is red and white striped like a candy cane. Every morning from the time the tree is up and decorated in the house until Christmas morning, the Christmas Squirrel will leave a candy cane somewhere in the tree for the children to find. You boys were completely fascinated with this tale and eagerly hunted every morning for your candy. Some days it was harder to find than others, but it was always there! Guess you little men were very good this year! Christmas, 2003"

Have a wonderful night :)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas around my house. I have been in a decorating frenzy! This past weekend we went to pick out our tree - a beautiful Frazier Fur - and it is now lovingly decorated in the middle of our Front Room. The boys are so excited because this means it's time for the Christmas Squirrel to start arriving to leave his nightly candy cane. (For those of you that have NO idea what I'm talking about, I'll save the story for a later blog entry, so stay tuned! ;) And I have to admit, I'm pretty excited too. I love the lights and decorations of the holidays and making things pretty and all aglow. Our tree (which is only 7' tall) has over 1000 lights on it. My friends make fun of me, but it keeps me happy, so my husband keeps letting me! I have a collection of snowflake ornaments that I love that take center stage on my tree (see below) and the many lights really make them twinkle!

I also managed to finally get Wreaths with beautiful red bows on each of the front windows and doors and a candle lights each one - so pretty at night with the yard lights on as well! I think I've finally convinced myself that I'm done with the decor, at least for now. Now it's time to concentrate on finishing the shopping. I'm much farther along this year that in years past, so that's a good thing. I might actually be on top of things this year!

Tonight is the CubScout Christmas party. Santa is supposed to be there so it'll be interesting to see if Ethan will go sit in his lap. He never has before (except once in his life) and I'm wondering if peer pressure will get to him this year and he caves. If I manage to get a shot of them together, I'll post the proof here - and you'll be the first to know!

Oh, and before I forget, yesterday's Turner Funny:
The Scene: All three boys are at the breakfast table eating muffins (or supposedly)
Turner gets up to sneak to the tree to do some snooping.
Ethan: MAMA/DADDY, Turner's not eating.
(pounding of feet as Turner runs back to the table)
T: (shouting) I is too!
Me: Turner, sit down and eat your breakfast before it gets cold!
T (under his breath to Ethan when he thinks no one is listening): You HAPPY??!

sigh. He's a hoot, that one!
(Christmas Squirrel post to come tomorrow! ;))

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Who Knew??

That Santa wore sunglasses and rode on a firetruck?? Tell me, really...did you?!

Yesterday was the annual Christmas Parade in my little town and for the first time, we got to be a part of it! Ethan's CubScout Pack (#269) made a float and got to ride in the Parade. The kids were so excited. They had bags and bags of candy that they were to pass out to the spectators along the parade route (down Main Street, of course! ;)) and they were giddy! (Couldn't possibly have been from the candy high THEY were on or anything!) It was such a beautiful day - sunny and crisp, but not overly cold - and it went off without a hitch. The boys even won First Prize for a civic float! Talk about proud!

I was amazed at how "big" the parade was given the size of our town, but they really went all out. We had the Shelby County Marching band (who totally rocked), an awesome colorguard, fire trucks and police cars galore, along with antique cars, floats and horse and riders. Such fun and so colorful! There were so many neat pics to share that I put them all in a slide show to watch - have fun. It's almost like you were there! :D