Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I think this might be one of the best valentine's I ever got! Love this from my little man, especially because when you open it up, it says "THIS MUCH!" all in his cute little five-year-old handwriting! So sweet...and those feet? Ha!

Just popping on here a minute to announce the winners of my Valentine Giveaway but first I want to THANK YOU so much for all your awesome ideas! WOW you all are so creative! So far we've done heart-shaped powered sugar donuts and there's more to come :) Hope all of you are having a day dedicated to those you love, too!

Huge congratulations to: #14 and #30 which means Ms. Harley Dee (who's name just happened to be sandwiched in between two past winners!) is the winner of the Porcelain pack and Ms. Erin Sweeney (whooohooo!) is the winner of the Lime Rickey goodness! Email me at with your addys, ladies, and they will be on their way!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick Reminder!

Tomorrow is the last chance to get in on my Valentine's Day giveaway! Don't forget to leave a comment a couple of posts down! The ideas you creative people have come up with are just amazing! I can't wait to try some of them out!

I'm hoping to be back tomorrow with a few pictures! Until then I'm off to get some work done and enjoy this gorgeous day!


Monday, February 09, 2009

I can see the light...

...the sweet light of the sun, that is! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY we had a break from all our snowy weather to have a weekend that was in the 60s both days! Glorious! Even more glorious was that the boys could spend most of the day outside playing, which they did. I loved it. They loved it. They especially loved all the mud created by the huge melted snow drifts. That *I* didn't love as much! Ha! Check out the pants and wellies on this boy. His big brothers were worse, but they wouldn't stop for pictures of course! I'll take the mud any day if we can bring on SPRING! Who's with me?!
Don't forget to sign up this week for the PORCELAIN and LIME RICKEY giveaway I have going on in the post below! I need some awesome Valentine's ideas! Keep 'em coming!

Have a wonderful day! It's Parent/Teacher conferences here today. And let me just say it's MUCH better on this end than it was being the kid! ;)


Sunday, February 08, 2009

It's a Two-fer!

I mentioned last week (earlier this week?) that I just *might* be a little giveaway sometime soon...and it looks like that time is NOW! And since I felt so bad that it took me so long to get it posted, I'm not doing just one, but TWO! The first is a PORCELAIN prize pack that included the 18 sheets of Porcelain papers, the glazed brads, regular brads and a set of bitty stamps. The other prize is exactly the same, but features the new LIME RICKEY! Fun, fun stuff here! Perfect for getting you out of any *February Funk* you might be in. Trust me, the funk is dangerous....just ask my best friend! ;)
Anyhow...the details. I'm going to make you work a bit for this one, folks. I am looking for Valentine's ideas. Lay some of your best ones on me, I've got some planning to do :) You have until 11:59 PM Friday, the 13th (eeps!) and then I'll pick two winners (one for each package) this Saturday morning, Valentine's Day, as my own little thank you.


Monday, February 02, 2009

More BasicGrey from CHAW09!

Ahhhh! Can you hear the angels singing?? My internet is back up and running, the kiddos are all back in school after a week of snow days, and I have my McD's diet coke right next to me. All is right with the world! (We won't discuss the Groundhog incident and the more winter thing...we're focusing on the positive! :))

Since I failed miserably at posting more projects from BasicGrey's Winter Collection the other day, I'm going to try and fix that abundance. AND I might even say that perhaps...a little later in the week...I might have a giveaway of some of that goodness from the show. Not confirming or denying here, just perhaps, so you might want to keep checking back this week! ;)




And Finally some PORCELAIN:

I hoped that helped get your creative juices flowing and that you'll check back later in the week for some blog candy - rumor has it it's a little Porcelain and Lime Rickey... just sayin'!