Thursday, December 07, 2006

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas around my house. I have been in a decorating frenzy! This past weekend we went to pick out our tree - a beautiful Frazier Fur - and it is now lovingly decorated in the middle of our Front Room. The boys are so excited because this means it's time for the Christmas Squirrel to start arriving to leave his nightly candy cane. (For those of you that have NO idea what I'm talking about, I'll save the story for a later blog entry, so stay tuned! ;) And I have to admit, I'm pretty excited too. I love the lights and decorations of the holidays and making things pretty and all aglow. Our tree (which is only 7' tall) has over 1000 lights on it. My friends make fun of me, but it keeps me happy, so my husband keeps letting me! I have a collection of snowflake ornaments that I love that take center stage on my tree (see below) and the many lights really make them twinkle!

I also managed to finally get Wreaths with beautiful red bows on each of the front windows and doors and a candle lights each one - so pretty at night with the yard lights on as well! I think I've finally convinced myself that I'm done with the decor, at least for now. Now it's time to concentrate on finishing the shopping. I'm much farther along this year that in years past, so that's a good thing. I might actually be on top of things this year!

Tonight is the CubScout Christmas party. Santa is supposed to be there so it'll be interesting to see if Ethan will go sit in his lap. He never has before (except once in his life) and I'm wondering if peer pressure will get to him this year and he caves. If I manage to get a shot of them together, I'll post the proof here - and you'll be the first to know!

Oh, and before I forget, yesterday's Turner Funny:
The Scene: All three boys are at the breakfast table eating muffins (or supposedly)
Turner gets up to sneak to the tree to do some snooping.
Ethan: MAMA/DADDY, Turner's not eating.
(pounding of feet as Turner runs back to the table)
T: (shouting) I is too!
Me: Turner, sit down and eat your breakfast before it gets cold!
T (under his breath to Ethan when he thinks no one is listening): You HAPPY??!

sigh. He's a hoot, that one!
(Christmas Squirrel post to come tomorrow! ;))


Sunny said...

You take such great photos! What camera do you own?

Roxy Roller said...

Beautiful tree, Kelly!!!

Anonymous said...

That is just about the prettiest tree I've ever seen. Just lovely! I'm going to get some gold ribbon and try that! Thanks.
Happy Holidays.

LuzinhaFolch said...

Oh Dear Thanks for the lovely comment at 2peas!
Oh I can't promisse you one Blerg Diva this year,but in 2007 for shure,just send me an email with your add and I'll se what I can do to send you this little creature!
Nice blog!!!

Megan R said...

wow that is an amazing tree! It must have taken ages to do! But it looks stunning!!