Sunday, July 02, 2006

Celebrating the Red White & Blue!

We celebrated our Independence a little early this year with our traditional party at our friends, the Prehers. As always, their Annual 4th Bash lived up to it's reputation! Amy and her husband Scott always go all out for this event and it shows! There was a Bouncy Castle, tatoos, swimming, slip-n-slide, cotton candy, glow sticks, sack races and more for the kiddos...plenty of food, drinks, music, games and conversation for the adults (even an adult sack race which was hilarious but moving so fast so late that I couldn't get a decent pic of it!). My boys had a ball running around, getting a taste of freedom without their parents under their feet, and enjoying a bit of a sugar rush with all the goodies around. Hoyte and I had fun getting some adult conversation, a few adult beverages and getting a chance to be silly and kidlike ourselves! There's no doubt why we look forward to this party every year! Oh and the fireworks! I can't forget to mention the fireworks! The were amazing (and always get bigger from the year before) and Carson's face was just priceless. He sat on my lap the entire time watching raptly, clapping after big explosions and oooohing at everything as it glittered down. We've already marked our calendar for next year's event! :D

(And hey, check it out - I've managed two days in a row! ;) Stay tuned tomorrow for the "Great BASICGREY Give-away!")

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