Monday, August 13, 2007

Best of BasicGrey on QVC

Hi All! I just wanted to give a little PSA that BasicGrey will be featured on QVC's Craft Fair - a 24-hour Mega Day of Scrapbooking products on Tuesday, August 14th! We will have 3 segments airing at 1 am Eastern, Noon Eastern and 5 pm Eastern.
During these times we'll be featuring our awesome 15"x15" Magnetic Mat, our Blush Lunchpail Kit (1 Lunchpail, Blush Paper pack and fibers) along with a BEST of BasicGrey that will include our 48 top selling papers from past lines. I have to admit it's been really fun revisiting some of these amazing lines and playing with them again. I think you'll love them too especially if you missed out the first time around! We hope to see you there! (And here's just a bit of what you might see...)


Anonymous said...

Kelly, you have certainly made me start pulling out some older paper, I'm just afraid to use the older stuff, I'm afraid I can't get it anymore, so I hoard it like secret treasure!!!! Love those pages!


Sally said...

Hi Kelly,
I have been perusing your blog since doing your lunch pail class at the scrapbook and papercraft expo in Brisbane, Aus. I have been watching QVC this afternoon I just so wish we could get our hands on some of your great products. I have been trying to purchase the lunch pail kit here in Aus for xmas gifts and am unable to find them anywhere. ANyway that's enough from me great blog love reading

suzyplant said...

How fun - your layouts are SO darling! That last one love, love, love! Love all these "older" papers too - some of my favorites. suzy

Ania said...

Oh my gosh. STUNNING layouts and projects. NO doubt that you rock BG!

Bernadette Merikle said...

ahhh...thanks so much for stopping by my little bloggity blog. It, of course, jumped me over to here where I had to remind myself that I'm at work and adding a folder of KG fun stuff to my desktop is probably (not absolutely sure on that, but probably) inappropriate.

I've loved your work for a very VERY long time. Everytime I see it I'm bringing out the pot lids (love your geometric flow) and the paper and get off the laptop from time to time. your work too!


Anonymous said...


I just saw your sweet babies on QVC!! How Awesome! Way to go! I've been keeping up with your blog...and all the great things you've been doing!
Email me sometime:

Christy Terry (from Memories Ala Mode in Frankfort)

Drama Mama said...

Beautiful! I just love Basic Grey!!!! I missed the QVC bit though - had to work.

Anonymous said...

Loves these LO's......So dang cute!!
I wish I could have seen them yesterday. Hopefully they will run it again!

Jana said...

You definitely rock the Basic Grey, my friend.....AWESOME layouts!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I just love these. And I normaly am not so into Basic Gery. Sorry. But these are fantastic!!!

Love, Patr1c1a

Anonymous said...



{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


Anonymous said...

Beautiful layouts as usual.

Peggy said...

Those pages are just gorgeous Kelly I love what you've done with them (as always).

Mary Jo said...

Oh my gosh, could your work be any more fabulous!!
I absolutely love those layouts!