Sunday, March 09, 2008

Catch up

HOW did it get to be MARCH already?? Sheesh! I feel like I'm desperately playing "catch up" since my trip last weekend to Right at Home in N. Attleboro. I had a wonderful time there - the store owners, Lisa and Sharon, were beyond generous and kind and looked after me so well. (Even to the point of taking me to Gillette Stadium a few minutes away to see where my beloved Tom Brady plays. Did I mention I love those ladies?) The classes went wonderfully and the ladies that took them were even better. I had the best time meeting everyone and chatting - especially my fun women who took every. single. class. I offered over the weekend. You girls amaze me! A special hug and shout out to Reyanna and Kim - two online friends I finally got to meet in person which is probably my favorite thing about my job! Thank you, thank you, for having me. I can't wait to come back again! :)

I have to say though, that as wonderful as the teaching was, the highlight was finally getting to get my hands on my sweet baby niece, Lydian Jane...and seeing her mama, too, of course! ;) Tell me, HOW can you resist this sweet face?

My best friend, Ann Marie, drove up with this cutie to pick me up after my classes were over Saturday afternoon and I got to spend a few days with them. Let me tell you, this little girl is about the sweetest ever and so stinking cute. She was a long time coming and it was a thrill to finally see Ann Marie with a baby of her own. The best news is that they'll all be down for Easter and I'll get to get some baby love again before too long! Can't wait!

And finally...trying to dig us out of the 12-ish inches of snow we got on Friday. I could almost swear we moved somewhere north and no one told me! Sadly this snow was so fluffy and light it didn't make for good sledding or snowman building, but we sure tried....

The one good thing about a repeat of snow is an additional chance to take some snow pics. These cracked me up because we took the wonder pup out in it too - even though the snow was up to his chest! He loved trying to sled, though he prefered his belly over the flyer!

And see that really cool barn behind Carson in that first picture? I caught it through the lens as I was taking the picture and it captured my facination as it seems so picturesque and "Norman Rockwell"-ish. (That one was for you, Ann Marie ;)) So pretty, but I'll be glad when it's SO gone!


Kim Faucher said...

Hey, what a cutie she is. Thanks so much for the awesome class... I need to post my layouts that I got done! It was so fun!
Bet your glad to be home though with the kiddos...

Nice seeing you, Kelly

Kim Faucher

Stephanie said...

Kelly, your pics always looks so great. What kind of camera do you use? Also, would you consider posting a entry about some of your photo or editing tips! Thanks so much!

Janine Wahl said...

Hey Kelly, I think our climates switched places. Gorgeous on this end of the earth! Snow is melting, no jackets....yeah, please, you can take our weather if you'd like, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I finally found your blog! I sent you an e-mail to 2peas after your generous comment on one of my layouts. I lost your card on my way back from CHA. Would love to have you visits us here...we are HUGE fans! I just started a blog (humbly)...may I list yours as one of my favorites? LOVE everything you do, this blog is BEAUTIFUL...AND you ARE the nicest person. Love. Silvia Arizaga de Kolsky



*reyanna* said...

Hi Kelly! It was SO fantabulous to meet you in person. :D Glad you made it home safely, and now I'm totally disappointed that I didn't get to see Lydian in person! WOW! What a doll-face! :)