Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter & Happy Birthday

Hi, all!
I hope you all had as wonderful an Easter as we did. It was so beautiful here in Kentucky, sunny with blue skys though it was chilly. It even SNOWED on the way home from my mom's - what??!! - but the weather stayed nice enough for a couple of egg hunts! It was so much fun to see the boys run around and have a ball. My mom has absolutely THE best yard for egg hunts - it's tiered with plenty of landscaping for hiding little plastic eggs. In fact, it's so good, we often didn't find all the eggs until we were "re-hiding" for another round!

Turner and Ethan especially got into it running here and there and loading up their baskets with as many eggs as he could, often plowing over one brother or another to beat them to one. Carson, on the other hand, would get a bit preoccupied once he found one (and having to show it to us) that he'd not think about finding any others.

On the way home, we stopped by the cemetary to leave flowers for my dad, but disappoingly, we had just missed it by 20 minutes and the gates were closed. Today would have been his 65th Birthday. I think about him and miss him every single day. It's been over 8 years already and I swear it doesn't ever seem to get any easier.

So Happy Birthday, Daddy. I love you more
than I can say.


stephanie howell said...

what a beautiful post, kelly.
i'm sorry for your loss, and i have to tell look a lot like your daddy. =)
happy birthday to him.

Rita S. said...

Hi Kelly,
I love the big baskets your boys are carrying. We had lots of snow on Friday, so the egg hunt at gradnma's was cancelled. HUGS to you for missing your dad so - it doesn't get easier but thank God for our memories and His promise.

mikey said...

Hi Kelly,
I love reading your blog. I have 3 boys too! I am glad you had a nice Easter, we did too here in CT. Your dad looks like such a nice guy. Sorry he had to leave you while he was so young. That totally stinks. I'm sure you have wonderful memories.

DonnaSalazar said...

Hi Kelly,
I just found your blog through a link from another blog. I wanted to say how fun it was meeting you at CHA but I feel bad that you are missing your daddy. I'm sorry for your loss. Hope to see you again sometime!
Hugs ~D~

melissa deakin said...

love these Easter photos, kelly!
i am so sorry about your dad; i didn't know.
i can only imagine how you miss him each and every day.

Andrea Amu said...

Kelly dear, I'm sorry to hear that missing your dad being gone doesn't get any easier, because I too will now have to experience this kind of immense pain for myself (my dad just passed 2 weeks ago very suddenly and we are all still in shock)! It sure isn't easy... I keep thinking about him all day and now with the baby on the way, I'm just so torn!
Many ((hugs)) to you... your dad sure looked like a sweet man!