Saturday, April 26, 2008

Balloon Glow & the NFL Draft

Whoooo hooo! It's Derby Festival Time in Kentucky and that means there are all kinds of wonderful activities going on around town for three weeks prior to Derby this year!

Last night was the gorgeous Balloon Glow - an annual event where the balloons that are going to race in the Great Balloon Race set up the night before to do a light show (by glowing their balloons) they have synchronized to music. The boys were so excited to go as we had never made it there before and the weather was absolutely glorious for an April night.

Unfortunately, even though it was a beautiful night, the winds ended up being a bit to high to get many of the balloons inflated. Out of 47 balloons that tried to participate, we only got to see around 7-10. Can you see in the above photo where the fire is literally going sideways as they tried to keep the balloon upright? The poor pilot was having a heck of a time and that particular rainbow balloon ended up collapsing not long after that photo was taken.

Next up? A trip to the Chow Wagon and possibly the Steam Boat Race before the big Derby Party at Ange's (and thanks Ange, for letting me borrow your tripod last night - it helped tremdenously though I think I might have had better luck staying at your house and having that glass of wine!) Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE DERBY TIME?! It's the best part of being a Kentuckian! :)

And I just have to shout a little! Today was NFL Draft Day. We've been anxiously watching and waiting for a little news on our hometown star, Brian Brohm. It was just announced that Brian was selected as the 56th pick overall and will be heading to (drumroll, please!!) GREEN BAY!!!! My son and stepdad are over the moon! I think this might partially make up for Brett retiring on them. Congratulations, Brian, and we can't wait to see wonderful things from you as a Packer!

P.S. to Tina - Give your handsome Michael a huge hug for me as he heads off to Prom tonight! I can't believe we are old enough to have prom-aged children! ;)


DonnaSalazar said...

Hi Kelly,

I wanted to send you an e-mail in regards to your post on my blog but I don't think I can. Can you send me an e-mail at pretty please with glitter on top? Thanks sweetie!
Hugs ~D~

denine zielinski said...

Hi Kell,
Came across your blog and thought I would say Hi! Gorgeous pictures...looks like a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss Louisville! Derby time was so fun last year! Eat lot's of chow wagon food for me!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly. I was browsing and ran across this entry. My name is Cheryl Waters and I'm a lead and founding Fiskateer. Anyhow, my cousin got drafted in the first round of the NFL draft (#21) to the Atlanta Falcons. He moves this week. Sad to see him go as we are a close family however an exciting time. Just noticed this fun post so thought I'd comment. Have a great day.