Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Whole Bunch of Random

Oh boy am I not kidding. Random is par for the course this week, it seems. Let's bullet-point it, shall we?

*Last night was the bigs' Winter Festival at school. E wasn't into going, so I took Turner who was all about it. But he found the Moon Walks in the gym and didn't want to do anything else. He took his own money and bought a goodie bag from his teacher. Awwww.
*Caught wee-one's icky cold and spent from 8 or so pm last night until 10 am this morning in bed...and asleep. Whew.
*Feeling slightly better today but too lazy to do much of anything, so we all enjoyed a relaxing day at home building with Lincoln Logs.
*Tried to organize and clean a bit in anticipation for the holidays but not succeeding to well at that. But don't let it fool you that it's due to the sickness! ;)
*Because we haven't been out of the house all day and were low on groceries, I cooked breakfast for dinner and the boys were thrilled.
*Tonight is a Monopoly fest. I say I'll win, but Ethan usually does! :)
*Trying to gear up for CHA. There's alot of great stuff coming your way from BG and I'm excited to play with it some more.
*Still need to finish Christmas shopping (anyone else??!) of some odds and ends, then wrap them, bake goodies, decorate the Gingerbread House, etc...and trying not to feel overwhelmed about it. Succeeding only because I still feel icky.
*I'll have some fun stuff to share come Monday and a huge Christmas giveaway (I seriously mean a stuffeverythingyoucanintoonecostlargeuspsbox type of giveaway) at the end of the week so stay tuned.
*In the meantime, Scrapbook & Cards Today's Winter issue is out absolutetely a-may-zing. Seriously. And I'm not just saying that because I have the cover ;) Download it for free here and you'll see what I mean!
Have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy!



Kathy Martin said...

Hi Kelly! Sorry you had to catch a case of icky poo! Your day sounds a lot like many of my family time at home. We have breakfast for dinner every Monday night! It's the only night of the week I don't get complaints at the dinner table! Well, I look forward to seeing the BG goodies you're working on. You never dissapoint! Feel better soon! :) Kathy

Elaine said...

What a fabulous layout! The colors and picture are enchanting! Soooo pretty! Can't wait to see the download....thanks again!

luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Love the layout....A bunch of us were talking that we are so far behind this year (I just got my secret santa stuff bought today starts ummmm monday) as for cleaning deadlines are my friends! Hope you feel better soon...Happy Holidays!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Hope you feel better!!! Super cute layout!!!

Here, I can brighten your spirits... I am so far behind on Christmas stuff! Way way way far...

No cards sent yet, no cookies made yet, hardly any presents bought!

But, heck.. I have 11 days.. right????

Samara Link said...

I love random posts like this because they actually capture what people have been up to. Good luck with your Christmas to-dos and feel better soon!