Monday, January 05, 2009

Pete, Repeat....and Repeated....again.

Please note the very last line of this very sweet progress report we received today on our youngest son.

Now WHERE could we have heard that before? Anyone? Anyone?

Ethan????? Turner????


Yeah. Apparently sibling rivalry doesn't just end at home.


Stacy said...

i shoulda scanned sara's! but no... i signed the darn thing and sent it back! LOL.

her's was about the same... sweet girl (etc. etc.)... and then it said 'we are working on not talking during work time'. that's my girl.

takes me back... i got 'talks too much' on my report card in 8th grade. my mom was so excited that she took the report back to my elementary school and showed the principal! (i NEVER talked in elementary school! so it was an awesome thing that i finally came out of my shell!!). my kids dont have shells! :) see you soon - s.

Kristin Hayne said...

THAT is hilarious Kelly!! I love it!

Alice said...

So funny...and I can totally relate :)