Monday, March 23, 2009

The Wall

I have been a huge fan of this crazy wall ever since my mother-in-law moved not three blocks or so from it. I can see it when I stand in her yard and I couldn't get rid of this mad desire to take some pictures there. This weekend I got my chance!
I dragged Ethan with me first. He was not happy about it but evenutally gave me a few fun shots. And seriously? That texture just knocks me out! LOVE it!
Since Ethan didn't want to stay long (in fact, he ran back into the car not long after we got started - HA!), I begged my 18-year-old nephew, Kyle, and his girlfriend Natalie to come with me for a few minutes. Kyle's a ham and always game for just about anything. I adore that about him.
And isn't the way Natalie is looking at him so sweet? They've been best friends since they were freshmen I think and have dated off and on since junior year. It's not much longer until prom (her dress is amazing!) and then graduation. I've known this kid since he was three. It's all going way to fast for me.
And finally they all indulged me with a few jumping shots. These were my faves. I crack up every time I look at them! I can't wait to hit that wall again with the entire crew and a bit more time.

I hope all is well out there in blogland. Carson had his first soccer practice of the season last night (always a hoot!) and we're still trying to get the croup out of this house. Oy. Here's to a great Tuesday (and a Happy Birthday to my Daddy - I still miss you everyday).



Anonymous said...

Your lil Ethan is getting that "big kid" look about him. Great pics and love that wall!

Colby said...

Awesome pics! Those were too fun...what a cool wall!

Kristi B. said...

The wall is so cool! I'm in love too. :o) You got some great photos. (that Natalie sure can jump high!!!)

Kelli said...

Love the wall! Your photos are great!

Sherry's Creations said...

Great shots Kelly!!! Love that wall...

Mary W said...

LOVE the jumping photos!!!!

Abby said...

LOve these pics! Is this in TN?