Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hap-PEA Anniversary!!

I know this one won't make much sense to my family or even a few of my friends, but to all my scrappies out there, I know you realize how excited I am to celebrate my sixth PEA anniversary!

It was six years ago today that I found the wonderful world of Two Peas. Six years ago I was a brand new mom to baby boy #3 and looking for a creative outlet (not to mention some adults to talk to!). A girlfriend (Hi, Heather!) of mine suggested the website Two Peas in a Bucket. I thought that was a pretty odd name, but I finally headed that way on a November afternoon. The first thing I did was visit the Garden, clicked on Ali Edwards' garden seeds, got hugely intimidated...and didn't come back for months!

But the lure turned out to be too powerful. I was hungry for people who were was excited and passionate about scrapbooking and documenting family memories as I was. Since the day I went back, I have been a faithful Pea, checking in at least once daily and doing my best to continue posting layouts, leaving praise and participating in the message board. Two Peas has given so much to me that I want to always make sure I'm giving back. My husband will tell you that I gave back TOO much! It was a huge running joke with us that if I ever made Pea Addict (If I'm right, that's 1500 posts), he'd have to leave me because it meant I was spending way too much time there! Haaaaaa! Over 12,000 posts later, I can't ever see leaving Two Peas (or him leaving me ;)) as I'm in both for the long haul.

So a huge "thank you" today to Jeffrey, Kristina, Mel and everyone else at the office who help ensure that Two Peas will stay around for a long time and that it will always be the place to go for scrapbooking inspiration. I appreciate all you do!

Now it's off for a FOOTBALL-filled Sunday! Happy day, all!


Romy said...

Yes, Two Peas is such a great and inspiring site. And your blog is a huge source of inspiration too. I totally love your scrap projects. You're so creative.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Happy Pea Day!!!! I love 2peas... my hangout is the stamping board:)


cnelson said...

Hap-PEA Anniversary!!

A Sarasota said...

Happy 6 Pea Anniversaary!!
Your LOs inspire me.

Kathy Martin said...

Happy Pea-versary! :)

Jocelyn said...

Happy Pea-versary to you also!!! I adore 2 was my first site and one of my favorites!!! Such a wonderful group of ladies there.....great store tooooooo! :-)

Kelly in Cincy said...

Happy Pea-anniversary, Kelly. I love it too... found YOU and others there! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Misty said...

Yep, I love me some 2P's...just celebrated my 7th anniversary :) Hap-PEA Anniversary to you too and a huge thanks for your inspiration!!