Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hello, APRIL!


I hope that you don't end up fooled too badly today! My oldest is already preparing his tricks so I need to be on-guard for the duration of the day lest he "gets" me. Gotta love the 10-year-old!

What's not a trick today is my new April sponsor,! I want to give them a huge welcome let you know all about them. Here is what the amazing Shary says about her store:

"Our mission is to provide great scrapbooking supplies to your door, wherever that may be, at a great price. We pride ourselves on the level of personalized service we are able to provide our customers. We read and respond to all emails quickly. If we can reasonably accommodate a request, we will do so. Our goal is impress customers with our service and win friendships and repeat business. In short, we want to be the 'go to' place for scrapbooking supplies!

We've been in business since 2004. We carry a great selection of products for scrapbookers, cardmakers and stampers. We carry the latest releases of many popular brands, as well as classic favorites, including Basic Grey, Making Memories, Fancy Pants and more!. We ship fast and offer flat rate shipping...$4.99 for domestic shipments.. $15 priority to Canada.. $25 priority to all other countries."

What Shary didn't mention above but what I think is so great about her and her site is her Green commitment. Here are just a few words about that from her site:

  • We generate our own electricity from Arizona's abundant sunshine! In truth, our 540 sqare foot solar array produces several times more electricity than Live2scrapbook can use!
  • We put considerable effort into packing to ensure all outgoing packages are properly sized and as full as they can be. This takes time, but the denser package uses less energy to ship, contains less packing material for you to recycle, and the increased efficiency helps us keep our prices low.
  • When requested, we will remove bulky bubble packs from individual items to further improve efficiency.
  • We re-use incoming dunnage first, then use mostly paper dunnage of our own.
  • We recycle.

I am so excited and proud to have Shary and as a featured sponsor this month. I hope you'll take a minute and visit and see all she has to offer (like her amazing selection of BasicGrey ;)) and so much more! And later this month, Shary will be hosting a fabulous giveaway just for one of you awesome blog readers!

Have a glorious first day of April, all!




Kelly said...

SOunds like a cool store and I'd love to check them out. Esp. love the flat rate shipping!!

Renee said...

I'm so happy to see that is this month's sponser. I came across their store a couple of years ago and use them for most of my supplies. They really do have great customer service. I'll be checking in to see what the giveaway will be! :-)

Debbie said...

Have a great trip down to Auckland and can't wait till next Friday for your classes...

Beck C said...

Hey Kelly - will see you in just over a week at Autumn Escape! We are all excited about it - are you? Have you been to NZ many times before? Let us blog-stalkers know, yeah?!