Friday, October 08, 2010

Haunted Whoo-Ligans!

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of being asked by the adorable Jamie Sorenson to be a guest blogger at Two Peas during their upcoming SpookCRAFTular Halloween event! It took me about 3 seconds to consider it. 2Peas + Halloween + scrapbooking = HECK YES!

I was especially thrilled as I completely adore Halloween - it's by far my favorite holiday (probably because my birthday is just two days later!) I love everything about it from the costumes to the candy to the cool night air, but it's the decorations that really get me excited. I start no later than the 1st of October putting out my mums, pumpkins and hay bales but I don't stop with just the outdoors. Nope, my embellishing goes throughout my entire house, especially when it comes to handmade pieces and touches.

So after my email from Jamie, I then had the fun of deciding what I wanted to make. I knew I wanted to do something decor-related ...and then I stumbled upon the adorable Whoo-Ligans line by Bo Bunny and that was it.


Can you blame me? I couldn't get enough of those little monsters and creatures and once I saw this fun album Little Yellow Bicycle, I knew exactly what my creation would be - a Haunted Whoo-Ligans banner!


To start, I first took apart the album pieces and then re-arranged them on my craft table for a bit of variety. I covered each piece with a different paper from the same Whoo-Ligans line (as well as a bit of plain cardstock) and re-punched just a single hole so I could string it with the metal rings to join each piece once I was done.


Once the pages were covered with paper, I set about laying out all the different chipboard creatures trying to create a scene that looked like they were going in and out of different haunted houses. (I think I was going for a Monsters, Inc. feel as I love that movie!) Little details like pen work accents, windows and doors that were layered to create depth gave it a more "real" feel. (The irony!) I think I used all but maybe 3 pieces from the entire chipboard sheet that's how much I love them!


And finally, as always I love to extend my artwork beyond the traditional surface it's being created on to give it more interest. To do this with the banner, I found some medium gauge wire and wrapped it around a pencil to create spirals. Then I used some strong tape to tape one end to the back and then poked the other end through the bottom (or top) of the chipboard piece I wanted to highlight. That way, the owl and ghost look like they are flying and the spider like it's crawling up to the house.


With a couple of pieces of ribbon at the end rings, you have an adorable spooktacular banner that took no time at all!

I hope you'll keep coming back to 2peas and enjoying all the inspiring, spooky crafts this month! Have a Happy Friday!


beckyjune said...

This is so fabulous, Kelly. I just posted on the Bo Bunny DT blog about your project! Thanks for sharing the Bo Bunny love ♥

Monica E. said...

This is the CUTEST banner ever!!!!!

Wendy Sue said...

Oh my word. This is the cutest Halloween Banner I have ever seen. Ever. Love it! :o)

Shanna said...

HOLEY HALLOWEEN CUTENESS KELLY!!!! This is OVER-THE-TOP halloween decor fun! You are amazing! Love it!

Carla said...

this is over-the-top crazy cute!!! Someone gave me the papers for that house album so I went and bought the album the other glad I did! I have to make this!!! Thanks!!!

TracieClaiborne said...

Kelly - you are a creative goddess! TOTALLY CUTE! Wow.

Sheri R said...

OMGosh, Kelly...this is the cutest thing ever!!!
I absolutely love it!

Kelly Goree Photography said...

Thanks, gals!
(and thanks, Becky, for sharing it with Bo Bunny - how thoughtful of you :))

Wendy Hammer said...

That banner is RIDICULOUSLY CUTE!!!! I love it!

Wendy ♥♥♥

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Wendy Hammer Designs Design Team Call ♥ said...

This is just adorable!!
Great job as always!!!

Lydia said...

Fantastic, I think this is one of the cutest projects that I have seen with this line, Way to make great use of all those super cute creatures!!

Danielle Flanders said...

super cute, Kelly! just popping over to say hi!

~Etoile~ said...

wowww I love that, your album is totally fabulous.

Mireille said...

My goodness girl!
This is just TOOOOO cute!!!

Lisa Dickinson said... I WANT ONE OF THESE!!!! :)

On my way... said...

Ooooo I love what you've done with this range!!!!! It's my favorite line, absolutely love the little monsters, and the colors are so strong eh??!! Freakin' adorable, yum yum yummo :D

Anonymous said...

What an adorable project, Kelly! You did a fabulous job with it.

Alicia Giess

Scrappin Cheryl said...

That has to be the cutest Halloween banner ever! Love it!

Gina Lideros said...

What a fun project! Love what you did with the BoBunny.

Lesley Oman said...

this is TOO CUTE! i love the little monsters - they look so fiercesome-ly cute!