Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ethan goes to D.C.

Last week my oldest, Ethan, got to take the trip of a lifetime! He was honored to have been invited to attend a leadership conference in Washington, D.C. and we were so excited to have him go.

He spent the week in D.C. learning about leadership, visiting all kinds of historic places from Gettysburg to the Museum of Natural History to the White House. He was in his element and his Daddy & I were so jealous as we hadn't been to D.C. since we were his age.

We sent him with only two requests:
1- have a FANTASTIC time and learn a lot and
2 - TAKE PICTURES! I especially requested that he get pictures of himself at these monuments - thus the selfies that would make Kelly Purkey proud! ;)
Here's a little bit of Washington through Ethan's eyes....

1. E and his roommates. 2. Gettysburg battlefield 3. Supreme Court 4. The White House 5. The Capitol 6. The Capitol Rotunda 7. E at the Washington Monument 8. The Washington Monument from the WWII Memorial 9. WWII Memorial 10. Stars at the WWII Memorial (1 star = 100 people killed) 11. WWII Memorial w/ the Lincoln Memorial in the background 12. E at the WWII Memorial (can you tell that was his favorite?) 13. Washington Monument from Arlington 13. The Eternal Flame 14. Tomb of the Unknown with Marine Guard 14. E at Arlington 15. Iwo Jima Memorial 16. and the coolest photo of all? That helicopter? It's Marine One. It had the President on board and it flew over Ethan while on a dinner cruise on the Potomac. Ethan said it had 2 escort choppers as well! How neat, right?!

He really had the best time and the staff and program were first rate. I can't say enough good things about it. I'm so proud of my guy and all he's accomplished!And next time? Next time *I* want to go on that trip!

Stay tuned tomorrow for BasicGrey's NEW CHA-SUMMER RELEASES!!! Are you excited?! I know I am! Trust me when I say they're GORGEOUS!



Michelle said...

Oh Gosh, Ethan did a fantastic job at taking photos!!! What a great experience!!! I am a little envious. :) I have never been there, but would love to go!! Way to go Ethan!!!

April said...

It looks like he had an amazing time!! My daughter Emily was also invited to go but we weren't able to send her. :( Good job Ethan on the self portraits!
- April

Susan from MD said...

Those are the BEST photos of DC. We live in nearby Maryland and we're on the route the President travels to go to Camp David, so we always see those three helicoptors.