Monday, September 05, 2011

The Harry Potter Party

Before I even get started and you even begin to think I thought of all this stuff on my own, I just have to give credit to Pinterest for the most amazing Harry Potter party ever. Seriously. I can't even believe all you can find on there and don't know what I did without it. I'll link up what I can so that you can find it for yourselves and possibly have one of these of your own!

First, this boy? Well he was one incredibly happy just-turned-eight-year-old complete with wand, scarf and glasses and cloak. I joked that with his blonde hair, he's make a better Malfoy, but after seeing him in his get up, I think Daniel Ratliffe better move on over because there's a new Potter in town!

My mom and I knitted the scarves (as well as a scarf for each child that came) in Gryffindor's colors. Next to his wand, it was Carson's favorite part of his costume!

My trusty Silhouette machine was put to use in making all the signs you see. This one was to give directions to Platform 9 3/4. You have to find the platform first to catch the train to Hogwarts!

Upon arriving, the first thing the new wizards and witches did was travel to Ollivander's to receive their wands.
And here is where one of the amazing pins on Pinterest came in....check out this tutorial on how to make these gorgeous things. You'd never believe it was just paper, hot glue and paint, would you?!

And since of course the wizard doesn't select the wand, the wand selects him, each guest was blindfolded as they ran their hands over 2 full trays of wands. Mr. Jaxon here took his job very seriously. (Note his cool Hogwarts t-shirt!)

Once everyone received their wand, they tried to stupify their photographer ;) before heading off to incantation class where they practiced using their wands. Swish & flick. Swish & flick.

After incantation class came Potion's class that was again made possible with an amazing tutorial from Pinterest...check out this party here. Everyone received their own potions pot and together we mixed clear explosive solution (water) + fire rocks (dry ice) + firefly elixir (bubble solution) and we got this....

I love their faces in these shots - they were amazed and I think this was the biggest hit of all. :)

Next up was the refreshments (we needed a chance to cool off a bit) and cupcake time. Notice the jelly beans on the top to mimic Bertie Bott's beans that Harry & Ron ate. (These were all yummy ones though ;))

A little wizard-y secret...

After cupcakes and presents, it was time for a little Quidditch match.

And Harry Potter (er, Carson) found the Golden Snitch! He was super excited!

And most of the hot, happy crew (a couple had already had to leave and one is a bit hidden here)

And there you have it - one 8 year old and one Harry Potter party in the books. It was absolutely a ball and I'd totally do it again....but I'm glad it's over! Post party letdown is hitting me hard!

Have a wonderful Labor Day!


Vanessa said...

This is absolutely amazing, Kelly! I so want to have a Harry Potter party now!

Sue Lui said...

Wow! You really outdid yourself, Kelly! I bet the kids will be talking about this party for years to come. :)

Kelly said...

That is absolutely AMAZING!!! I think I might have to throw myself a Harry Potter bday party since my kiddos are too young to know what Harry Potter is (3 months & 2yo). Great job!!

Tanya said...

This is awesome! He will remember this always. Oh how I wish my kiddos were smaller.

Cindy deRosier said...

This is AWESOME. I totally want a Harry Potter party, for no reason other than to make the wands. Great job! Did you hold the party at a park, or is that beautiful place your yard?

Michelle L. said...

Wow-- such a memorable event for everyone, I'm sure! I love that you are taking the time to attend to all of the details that show your kids just how deeply they are loved. Looks like the party was a hit!

Kelly Massman said...

OMgoodness! These photos just make me grin from ear to ear! You can tell he and the other kids had a BLAST!!!!! TFS!

Margie said...

What a great party!! Thank youso much for sharing the photos!

Anonymous said...

Just awesome!! I had to call my son in to see all the pictures and he was quite impressed (he's a 26 yr old Harry Potter fan). You are such a great mom! Thanks for sharing.

Alice said...

LOVE this!! It is a lot of work, but so worth it... trust me, the time will come all too quickly when themed birthdays will be a thing of the past... the most I can get by with these days are a few baseball candles on the cake. Your boys are growing up so fast! said...

What an absolutely fun party!!! and with Silhouette offering the Harry Potter print and cuts I can already see the cool layout you are going to come up with!

Anonymous said...

Your ideas are amazing and such cute ideas. Could you please tell me how you did the Quidditch hoops? I really would like to have the kids do this game, but I am not sure how you did the posts.

Unknown said...

Hi I am throwing a harry potter potter too. I see the blindfold but how did the wand choose the wizard? Did they just choose the one they liked how it felt?