Monday, May 27, 2013

A Memorial Day Thank You....


I just wanted to take a minute to wish you all a very blessed Memorial Day. I hope that you are having an amazing weekend and that while enjoying the official start to summer you might also take time to recognize all the men and women who died for this country so that we may do so. They truly deserve all the appreciation we can give them. 

Saturday, the boys and I went with the Scouts to this gorgeous cemetery (where their great-grandparents are buried) to place flags at the graves of those that bravely served our country. It is one of our yearly activities that I look forward to the most. It always makes my heart catch in my throat as I see these young men pay their respects and leave a small tribute that while not enough is least we can do.

 This was Turner's first year placing flags as a new Boy Scout. 
The boys take their work very seriously and make sure not only to wipe clean each marker but to say a word or two of Thanks. 

This image makes my heart stop. It's so beautifully peaceful in this part of the cemetery.
A few of our boys that helped out this day.
Our cemetery is very old. We have quite a few Civil War veterans, but this particular gentleman served in the War of 1812! The boys were pretty impressed and may have just left more than one flag as his resting place.
When I pay my respects, I like to address each soldier by name. This is Lieutenant Joe Bell and he was a member of the Confederate Army. 
Carson placed the flag for Mr. Jacob Harris who died a prisoner of war at Camp Douglass during the Civil War. I was amazing to be able to pay tribute to such a person and be surrounded by the incredible history of it all. It was a solemn reminder at the blessings and liberties we get to enjoy as citizens of this country.

So thank you once again
to all those who serve and have served our country valiantly but especially to those brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice during that service. We will always remember.



Debbi Tehrani said...

Beautiful photos, Kelly, and such an important thing to teach your kids. Bless you.

powerscrapper said...

Beautiful photos ! I know you are so proud of your boys.Please share the layout with us when you scraps these photos.

Dorina D said...

Wonderful tradition to honor our fallen and beautiful serene photos of the cemetery and the boys planting the flags.