Sunday, September 15, 2013

PageMaps University FREE Trial CLASS

Good morning, everyone!

I'm not sure if you've heard yet, but my awesome friend Becky Fleck, owner of the incredible sketch site PageMaps, has decided to do some online classes! Now trust me when I say, if you know anything about Becky at all, you know she doesn't do ANYTHING half-way! These classes are going to be AMAZING with step by step .pdfs, fully-detailed slide show and MORE!

And just so you KNOW what you're really getting, Becky has decided to launch a FREE (yep, totally FREE) mini class just for YOU!!!
And here is where you can get it:

For this class PageMaps U will provide EVERYTHING that will be provided in a full-sized regular class, the only thing different will be the number of projects provided. The quality is 100% the same!

The projects being taught are below! 

"This is How I Roll" by Kelly Goree

And "Hey, Friend" by Becky Fleck

I promise you are going to love this amazing new format and keep coming back for more! If you love Becky, love her sketches, and love the work of many of the industry's talented designers,  this is totally a no-brainer!!

I hope to see you in the self-paced classroom soon!! And remember the first FULL class registration starts OCTOBER 1st!!

Have a wonderful Monday and please come back and share your reviews!



Michelle said...

These are so cute Kelly!! Love all the details on your LO!! (and look how little Carson was!!) Your card is wonderful too!

Scrapthat said...

Very cool!
I can't find a place to comment over there but in the downloads the shapes did not show up as a DXF which would mean you have to go into inkscape and convert and since that is old school there are going to be a LOT of Silhouette users who won't have a clue how to do that.

Kelly Goree Photography said...

I'm not sure what you mean, scrapthat? i just downloaded them fine. They come in several formats. I did forward this to Becky for her to double-check. Thank you.

Scrapthat said...

I got the PDF versions,so yes one could cut by hand however I got the Card shapes and arrows as DXF cutting files (for Sil) but not the shapes file as a DXF file.

Kelly Goree Photography said...

Gotcha! THANK YOU!

Scrapthat said...

Sorry to bring this to you Kelly...
I admin a board and my girls were talking about this yesterday. I followed your link to get to Pagemaps U. But if you go to page maps there are NO links to page maps U. none of the links are active and it says see you Sept. 15th only.
the blog doesn't say anything either.
When I tried the contact button there to tell Becky that doesn't work either and gives me and Ooops message. So unless there are others other than yourself handing out the link she is missing most of her potential U customers. I passed out the link on my board so they are on there way there now.
Just thought I should let someone know and it seems you are the only way I know how to pass it along to Becky. Sorry!

Kelly Goree Photography said...

Hi there!
Just heard back from Becky. she said if you hit F5 it'll reload with the links. i had the same issue, did that and now it's there :)

a1983alaskan said...

I'm so excited for PageMaps U ! What a FAB.U.LOUS way to tempt us to enroll :-) Your creations are the style I love! I'm hooked :-)

Timemimi 當代迷你倉 said...