Saturday, April 28, 2007

An Almost-Perfect Day!

Well after a miserably chilly week or two, the weather finally gave us a break here in Kentucky - a very welcome break as this week marked the kick off of the Kentucky Derby Festival. We're all about horse racing and since the biggest race of the year is local AND only a week away, it's time to party :) Today we started by attending the Great Balloon Race - probably the most colorful event of the Festival....even if we did have to get up at 5 am to get there. But it was certainly worth it - just look at these magnificent Balloons! I'm in awe everytime I go, especially because as you can see, you can get right up on these things are they're inflating. I had no telephoto lens on my camera and look at how close we were!

Immediately after the race we had to head back home to get Ethan to his 9:00 am soccer game. They were awesome as always and won 4-2 against one of the bigger teams in the league. He's getting better and better visibly each time he plays and it makes his mama (who am I kidding - his DADDY - so very proud). To celebrate it was breakfast at Cracker Barrell and then a good 2 hour nap! (I did say this day was almost perfect! ;)

After our nap, we went BACK into Louisville to do some shopping for our bath remodel project (another story for another post!), we drove past this cute little parking lot carnival. Of course the boys begged us to go and after such a good day, we couldn't say no. I hadn't seen smiles on (all) my boys' faces like this in a long time! Too cool!And to finish it off, we had dinner at pizzeria I hadn't been to since High School - so yummy! (After all this, is anyone surprised I was ready for bed at 8?!
Happy Derby, Everyone!


Anonymous said...

WOW, what a day!!! Jake actually said it was THE BEST DAY EVER when they were driving home from the baloon race and mini marathon! we had soccer too on Saturday ;) and then we did an Amazing Race type of event for the Crusade... I took my camera but didn't take a picture... was too caught up in the race part of it!

Ingrid said...

Wow! What a great pictures. Seems like you had a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. I love fun family days! Great soccer action pictures.
I sent you an email did you get it?

Jana said...

What awesome pics!! Hope you're doing well. :-)