Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Easter!

Ok, so I know I'm a little late, but in my defense, I just got back from Nashville and well, I left my camera there. SO, I had to wait for it to be shipped back to me (THANK YOU, TRACI!) and for me to go through the upteen thousand pics I took!

We had a wonderful weekend visiting although it was stinkin' cold. As we drove off Friday to my Sister-in-law's, the snow was coming down fast and furiously. I had high hopes of outrunning it but no such luck. We did manage an Egg Hunt when it finally warmed up a bit that afternoon - that is after donning our warmest winter coats for church that morning! It was still a bit cool (you can see their little red noses!) but sunny. It's the things we do for pictures, eh? ;) As if the kids would let us NOT have an egg hunt!!

Easter Bunny even remembered we were going to be out of town so they were thrilled to find their baskets waiting for them - even if the crazy bunny hid them in the shower! The big challenge after that was trying to reign in the sugar high they would experience the rest of the day because even though mama and daddy limit sugar, they managed to find all the hidey spots.

Still, we had a great time. The boys completely adore their aunts (Traci especially spoils them rotten!), Mimi and cousins and they played and played until I thought they couldn't play anymore yet were never more excited to finally crawl into their own beds as we got home.

I hope your Easter was just as special.

(And to Dave and Penny Pearson, my parent's best friends, who lost their amazing -only 39 year old - son to cancer on Good Friday - all my love and my deepest sympathies to you and Jennifer and the kids. I'll be posting a small tribute to Courtney as soon as I can.)


Unknown said...

Such gorgeous pics and such handsome boys! You should have been up here in Wisconsin for our Easter egg hunt! We had snow and I couldn't feel my hands after 15 minutes!!! Bad...bad...

Sorry for the loss of your friend...:(

hannakj said...

Happy belated easter. Glad you had lovely easter. We also did have delightful easter holidays. I posted many pics at my blog. Have a wonderful weekend. said...

Isn't that amazing how the Easter Bunny KNOWS where you'll be? Very cool!

and I'm also sorry for the loss of your friend.

april said...

Kelly, I love the boys outfits. It's hard to believe it was so cold since they look so springy!

Tessa Ann* said...

Hi Kelly!
It looks like your family enjoyed a very colorful Easter Sunday! Your boys are simply pure cuteness!
Super cute pics.
Your blog is as inspiring as ever :)

jennihaywood said...

Ahhhhhhh! Your kids look so adorable. I love having great memories like these! I can't wait until you do a layout with these p[ictures! oo fun. Thanks for sharing Kelly!