Friday, June 15, 2007

Scrappy Stuff First!

Whew! I finally made it back - a full 24 hours straight (and more like 48 with no sleep), but I'm here! It was exhausting but unbelievably amazing! I promise full details over the next few days all the incredible things I saw, but I've got to get to the scrappy stuff first!

So let me go ahead and get this out of the way now.

Australians (phonetically that's "Auuuuuuzzies" or so I'm told ;)) - are stinkin' amazing scrapbookers and do they love their BasicGrey! Truly, I already knew all that going into this expo, but to get to see the work upclose and personal was an entirely new experience all together. The texture and flair that these ladies have is jaw dropping! It didn't take me long to wonder what I could possibly teach these gals, but I'm thrilled to say that the classes went wonderfully, sold out even, and everyone said they enjoyed taking them as much as I did teaching them. These gals are from just one of the 9 classes I had over the course of the 3 days and I want to tell them and all of my students THANK YOU so much for being welcoming and friendly and making me feel like I had been there all my life! I especially need to thank those sweet ladies who took all THREE of my classes (and stayed with me for an entire day!)...and yes, that even means you, Jen, Bev and Lisa!

And just an added bonus of going down under (like there needed to be anything else!), I got to meet the the other tutors (and esp. Kim Kesti who came with at the last minute!) along with the amazing folks from Expertise. Thank you all so much for your hospitality and patience - and mostly to you, Kirsten, as you put up with me the longest through the almost year long process of making this really happen! Here we are enjoying some gelato at a cafe around the corner of our hotel. Left to right is Judy, me, Kirsten, Margie Romney-Aslett (the guru behind Making Memories and a sweetheart of a person!), and Rebecca.

But I think the highlight of the entire expo had to be my dinner with latest Garden Girl, Loretta Grayson! I may have had to travel around the world to finally meet you, Rett, but I did it!! My night out with her and Ngaire actually made me feel like I was home again...that is until I had to find my way back to my accommodations! ;)

Part 2 coming soon and it's so GOOD to be home!


april said...

very cool, Kelly, glad you're back and can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Anonymous said...

So Glad to hear your back safe Kelly! It was an honour to meet you and take your classes, the best class any of us have ever taken from any international tutor! We had such an awesome time and enjoyed meeting you so much! You trully are such a gorgeous person! Hope you come back again next year and see us!

Big Love

Scarlet said...

Welcome back, Kelly! We've been waiting for you! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

Micaela said...

Hi Kelly!

Thanks so much for your awesome class! I had a great only regret is that I didn't book into all three (what was I thinking?!) Anyways, hope you can make it back over here again sometime so I can take another of your classes!
Did you get to see the opera house?
Oh, and can you tell me your email addy so I can send you a pic addy is

Liz Weber said...

Hi Kelly so glad to hear you made it back home safe and sound. I loved meeting you and taking your class and wish I had booked into ALL of them EVERYDAY LOL ;-)

Looking forward to more Basic Grey/Kelly Goree classes next year.

Take care and keep up the inspiring Basic Grey layouts and projects!

Melissa said...

Sounds like an amazing trip. Can't wait to see more pics.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you're home safely Kelly - I had a great time at your class and also wish that I had done all 3 of them!!!!
from "the other Kirsten".

jilly said...

Hi Kelly! I'm so disappointed I didn't get to meet you at the Convention!

Anonymous said...

ahhh! i LOOOOVE ngaire! you are so lucky to have met her. we used to be on a yahoo group together and i just love her view of life and all things scrappy.

can't wait to see the rest of the scoop on auzzies...this looks like an amazing (and exhausting) trip!

Lea L. said...

Welcome home Kelly! It sounds like you had a great time!

Talk to you later,

Anonymous said...

HELLO you sweet thang!!!!

I loved our dinner together.. I was worried about you walking back to where you were staying.. I am sorry it wasnt fun for you babe!!! :)
Loved getting to know you.. you have a bed here when ever you come back!!!!!!!!

peace and love to you..
will give you linkage love from my blog too.:)

Judi Hughes said...

G'day Kelly. It was such a pleasure to take one of your classes at the convention. As a Basic Grey addict I was so excited and you were wonderful, so friendly and beautiful. Hurry back to Oz soon. Love. J

Rett said...

I'm so pleased you travelled halfway across the world to meet us, Kelly! It was so great to catch up with you, hope we can do it again :-)
I'm only just getting around to posting pics on my blog - better late than never I guess!

A Creative Place said...

Kelly I am glad you enjoyed your time here in beautiful Brissie - thank you for coming over here to show us Aussies what you know I did two of your classes and loved both - still haven't finished off my fav things book though:(, but i will
take care Kelly
Kerrie Gurney