Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's TIME!!!

Oh how I've always wanted to say that myself but when you go in with three scheduled c-sections, it just doesn't have the same impact. But yay, I finally get to say it this time for my best friend!! I can't believe it but it looks like my baby niece is on her way - I got the email from Daddy Rob at 4:00 am (Good girl for waiting until Halloween was over) that they were heading to the hospital!!!! I should have known after talking to the Mommy-2-Be that it was imminent as she was just a little grumpy and out of sorts. So now I'm doing the traditional pacing of the floor waiting for more news. It's quite the cure for the Halloween hangover, I must say.

So if you wouldn't mind offering up some prayers and positive thoughts for my dearest friend and the birth of this long awaited baby girl, I'd certainly appreciate it and I know they would, too.

Now am I too selfish to wish she'd hold out until just past midnight tonight to be born on her Auntie's birthday??? ;)

(Ann Marie, I love you and am so excited and proud for you. You give that baby girl kisses from her auntie as soon as you can, ok? Oh....and I'm still holding on to Marina Renee for you! ;) XOXO, YR)

At 6:30 am the word was she was at 5cm...and doing nicely.
at 11:00 am my text msg read "VERY CLOSE!"
At 1:30 pm Baby girl made her appearance!! Six pounds, 19 3/4" and perfectly healthy! (Thank you, God!) Mama and Baby are doing wonderfully (it was a natural birth) and by all accounts, she's gorgeous. Still no name, but we're working on it!
At 11:00 pm She has a name :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sweet Lydian Jane!


kristina proffitt said...

Thinking good thoughts and sending up prayers, Kelly! My daughter turns 2 tomorrow, so that's a great day, too! ;)

*reyanna* said...

Oh, how exciting! Definitely will be in my thoughts and prayers. And hey, if she can't make it until tomorrow... you two can celebrate birthdays for TWO days! YESS! LOL. And I LOVE the name Marina! Hubby already vetoed that (*if* we have children) because he's in the Coast Guard. *sigh* But LOVE that name! Congrats, Auntie Kelly!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your friend. It's always wonderful to hear new baby news!


Jana said...

How exciting!!! Congrats to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly - I met you on Scrapshotz and came to visit! I love reading your blog...and can you share how you put those gorgeous borders on the pictures...I love it! Congrats on being Auntie!

Allison Cope said...

Congrats Auntie!!!

What a pretty name!