Monday, November 05, 2007

We are the CHAMPIONS!!!

Warning: Proud Mama post coming!

It was at the high school. There were official refs. Faces were painted. There were even cheerleaders! It was the Peewee Tackle Football Championship game and we were fired up! We were to play the "Green Team", the Commonwealth Dragons, a team undefeated all season and the ONLY team we had lost to all season...twice.

In the first few minutes of the game, Ethan scored not ONE, but TWO touchdowns (I hardly have a voice today just so you know :)) making the score 12-0, but the Green team came back and answered with 2 TD's of their own. Not to mention that they got their 2-point conversions (what we do instead of extra point kicks), so the score was 12-16. Let me tell you, that Green team is GOOD! They played their hearts out but our little ol' Blue Team had the eye of the Tiger!

We blocked the Dragons on the 5-yard line with just a few minutes to go and held them there as they turned over the ball. When we got our chance, we were on 4th down and getting no where. On 4th down, the quarterback handed off the ball to Ethan and he made an amazing play (proud mama coming in here again!) to get the ball down to the 2 yard line where a teammate was able to run it in. The score was then 18-16. We managed to hold the Green team the rest of the 2 minutes of play to clinch the division title. Daddy was so proud he ran onto the field immediately to give our boy a hug. If you think the smile on E's face is huge, you should have seen Hoyte's!

I while I'm thinking of it, I just wanted to give a shout out to the boys' coaches - Jason Armstrong and Josh Collins - and our assistant coach, Taylor, for all their hard work and dedication this season. You three went above and beyond anything we could have expected and it was you that made this season what it was for all of us. Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

we never had peewee football, but i do love a great football game now (6th grade) and look forward to many more years of it.

congrats to E (and to Hoyte!)

Sharyn said...

wooohooo! Way to go Ethan!!!!

AllisonK said...

Thank you so much for you comment about my family on Candice's blog. It was very sweet of you!!


*reyanna* said...

Hooray!! And Yay Ethan!!!

Nell said...

How old are these boys? Children's bones and joints really aren't ready for football until they are at least in junior high school. Flag football for fun, OK. Organized football, no. There will be a good number of those boys with blown out knees before high school. Sad.