Monday, May 05, 2008

I love taking photos

While I'm no professional photographer (but it did give me a kick out of putting my "photography" label on these photos like so many people seem to do ;)), I absolutely love to take pictures. I carry my camera with me everywhere, and I am generally one of the "official" picture takers at most any event I go to.

This weekend's main event was my friend Ange's annual Derby party. We love this party as it's both kid and adult friendly, there's tons of great food and plenty of party beverages of all kinds :) I chased everyone around taking pictures here and there and when the day was done, there were a few that I just fell in love with. The first photo is of my friend Jennifer (I've known her practically her entire life!) and her beautiful 6-month old son, Jackson. I adore the sweet look on both their faces and the love you can just feel.

The handsome boy in the other picture is my friend Liz's son, Ryan. Ryan is probably the sweetest almost-teenage boy on the planet. He's polite, friendly, full of personality and so good with the little kids that always seem to tag along and be at his heels. He saw me taking photos of him and then started to pose. (That right there should tell you how rare he is!) Thanks, Ryan, for being such a cooperative subject.

And because I feel I have to mention it, while it was Derby weekend here and a weekend of festivities and several parties, it was profoundly sad. By now most of you know the triumph of winner Big Brown and the tragedy of the 2nd place finisher, filly Eight Belles. I don't even know what to say except that my heart just breaks for that horse, it's owners, trainers and jockey.


Anonymous said...

Heaven's pastures are always green! RIP, Eight Bells!

Great photos. Love to see you putting your "stamp" on there even though you're not "prefessional".


Anonymous said...

Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures and your work. Wish you had your own line of scrapbooking papers, alphabets, etc. I think your designs would be very successful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly - Ange, here! These two photos make me want more! I can't wait to see them all. I'm so glad you enjoyed the party. We did, too, and are glad that your entire family was able to join us this year!

Anonymous said...

What type of camera do you use? Those pictures are great as are all of yours!!!

JannaScraps said...

Hi are an AWESOME photographer! WOW! You're stuff ROCKS! ALways...sure enjoyed seeing your beautiful pages here! Hope you are well! jw

Kimberly said...

You ALWAYS take phenominal photographs girl...Lahoove that you have your name on these too! GORGEOUS shots too! xoxo