Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Day, First Game and Field Trips!

Just look at this proud Pre-school Graduate, his diploma and his cheesy grin!

Yesterday was Mr. Carson's last day of pre-school and he's so excited to be spending the rest of the summer at home. I, on the other hand, am thrilled he's going to be home full-time, yet heartsick at the thought that my baby is now out of pre-school and will be five soon. Funny how your perspective changes, isn't it? It just goes too fast and I've been all sentimental this week. Add to that having a wicked cold and it makes for one miserable mama.

We did have some less-traumatic events this week too.

On Monday, Ethan had his very first baseball game, and boy did he look so handsome and grown up. He has a true love of all sports and is really in his element in a team environment. It's awesome to see. He hit well, played shortstop when they were out in the field and even scored his first run! So though his team lost pretty decisively, he was pretty happy! And since I love doing sports related layouts, getting some fun pictures made ME happy! ;)

And finally yesterday was also Field Trip day for Mr. Turner. He and his Kindy class went to the zoo for the day. It had to be a rainy day, unfortunately, so this sick mama stayed home and sent Daddy and her camera instead. They had a great time and saw all kinds of animals including this babboon (who I adored - just look at how he's reaching out to touch Turner's hand through the glass) and our 1-year-old baby elephant, Scotty, who only wanted to roll around in all the yummy mud! Let's just say it was a long day though because when they got home, BOTH my boys ended up taking a nap!
It's hard work having fun, apparently! Happy Friday!

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Susan Beth said...

Super douper great post! I love all the little updates illustrated by the photos! Hope you get over your cold soon!