Saturday, January 31, 2009

*25 Random Things about Me*

Well my internet is down and I'm checking in at a Wi-fi hot spot so I'm not going to be able to post the layouts I was hoping to. Instead, I'm about to entertain you with useless trivia about me - everything you've always wanted to know and then some. If you read this, consider yourself "tagged" and I'd love to see your own list. They're always so fascinating!

So here we go:


1. I am from Kentucky - Louisville, even - but I've never been to the Kentucky Derby. I've been close...but then it decided to hail on us on the way there and we thought better of it. Crazy, I know.

2. Also being from Kentucky (and as any pre-teen girl will tell you), it was a prerequisite to love horses. I did (and still do) and rode/showed them for several years...and it was probably the one sport that I had a lot of talent at. Sadly my parents didn't want to own a horse so that was the end of my riding career.

3. I can wink with both eyes. No, I don't mean "blink." I can do each eye one at a time.

4. I taught dance (tap, jazz and ballet) to little girls 3-8 years old to have spending money throughout college. It was a good thing I got my girl fix in then as now I'm the mom to three little boys who would vehemently object to me putting them in tutus and tights. (Ok, not the tights. Superheroes DO wear tights.)

5. I have to sleep with a cover of some sort over me at night even in the hottest of summers. It's some kind of throwback to childhood when I used to think blankets would protect me from monsters! :)

6. I have an addition to McDonald's Diet Coke. Seriously. It's worse than any drug.

7. Because a friend of mine just reminded me of this, I cut my arm wide open with an x-acto knife during my senior year of college in a sculpture class (I was a Fine Art major). The ambulance came but I freaked out and refused it! so a classmate drove me to the ER where I had to get oodles of stitches. It's pretty ironic considering what I do for a living now.

8. I am an only child and because of that, I was determined to have at least two children. My plan when I was younger (like middle school - yes, we girls think of those things even back then!) was to have three boys. God has a sense of humor and gave me exactly what I wanted.

9. I’m double jointed in my left thumb. Just that joint only. No others. I have yet to figure out something useful to do with it.

10. I prefer not to drive. Not that I'm a bad driver, but I think because I'd rather sit in the passenger seat and harass the person who *is* driving.

11. I used to love to talk on the phone, but a few years as a receptionist cured that.

12. I have been to Mardi Gras and partook (is that a word?!) in all the festivities. ALL. THE. FESTIVITIES. 'Nuff said.

13. I was engaged once before I met my husband.

14. My driver's license says I'm 5'1, but it's really more like 5' 1/2". Some people lie about their age. For me, it’s this. Ahem.

15. I used to want to be a teacher even though my favorite teacher ever (Mrs. Pearman in 4th grade) told me I shouldn't. (Only because teachers were under appreciated, not because of me personally. Swear.) I even had a year invested into my Masters in Education before I realized it wasn't my calling. Trust me when I say children everywhere rejoiced.

16. In 2nd grade, I tried to forge my father's beautiful signature on poorly done homework assignments by writing "BILL" at the top of them in pencil. I thought I did really well and was shocked (and severely punished) when I got caught!

17. I am incredibly sentimental and love a good romantic story. I'm a sucker for movies like "50 First Dates", "Love Actually", "The Notebook" and "Gone with the Wind."

(This is starting to get hard!)

18. I know all 44 presidents of the United States - IN ORDER - but only if I sing them because of the "Presidential Song" I learned in 4th grade. Useless trivia put to music I can retain, other stuff, not so much. I'd list them here, but you'd think I copied it from somewhere. But next time you meet me, just ask and I'll prove it.

19. I use "smilies", extra punctuation and parenthesis altogether too much when typing emails or notes but I can't quite seem to help myself. :) (see?!)

20. I love photography and treasure photographs, but when I was a child, I had a hard time looking at pictures of people who had passed away. It completely creeped me out.

21. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I still get to be around and enjoy family and friends without the commercial stress of Christmas. Ok, that's not completely true. My favorite holiday is really Halloween because it's right before my birthday and kicks off my “party week.” I can admit it.

22. I tend to block out my most embarrassing moments like they never happened but my friends don't seem to suffer from the same affliction. They love to remind me of them at the worst. possible. times.

23. I cried hysterically the night before my second son was born because I just couldn't imagine how I would love another child as much as I loved my first, but the moment I saw his face, I knew.

24. My biggest sadness in this life is that my dad never had the opportunity to hold one of his grandchildren. I'd have given anything to have that happen.

25. My parents had decided to name me "Heather Leigh" but somehow while my mom was still knocked out from her c-section, my dad thought "Kelly Lyn" sounded better.

Your turn!



Anonymous said...

This was very interesting. I like little things like this. I feel it helps people connect on different levels. I really like the McDonald's Diet Coke! This was hilarious, and emotional at the same time. TFS


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh I just LOVE these lists!!!!!

I'm with you on number 24. Along with the fact that he never met my husband to be, and never got to walk me down the isle... as well as the countless phone calls I have made in my head when I 'needed' my daddy...

Looking forward to when those layouts appear!

Anonymous said...

LOL - Me, too - about fudging my height. I'm really 5'5", but I say I am 5'6" because it sounds better. I come from a family of giants (dad was 6'4" and mom and sister are both over 5'9"!) so I say that I am the only "normal size" person in the family. Oh - and when we kids were growing up, I always had to sit in the middle of the car back seat, the hump, b/c I had the shortest legs and arms.

Welcome back home, Kelly!

Erica Hettwer said...

Oh, I am so feeling 5 and 19! And, I'm terrified of number 23. Little man has taken over my heart and soul. How do you fit in another?

Melanie H said...

I agree with you on number 24 but for me its my papa.

I really wish he could be alive and see his gorgeous great granddaughter.

Anonymous said...

that's a great list! when I read this, I knew you must be on Facebook, because it's been going around there. I got tagged today and posted mine--- you inspired me to put it on my blog, too!
p.s. I just added you on Facebook-- just so you know who Lisa is! lol!

stephanie howell said...

love this list. the one about crying the night before your second son was born really got me. *exactly* a year ago today, that was me.

confession time- i've been tagged in these atleast 6 times and haven't done one yet. heee! i'm pretty sure i couldn't come up w/ enough.

hope you are okay and that everyone is recovering from the storm. please let me know if i can help in any way....j and i would love to donate to a family that needs help if you know of one. xo

Anonymous said...

Hey :) Great those random facts things...lots of fun! And, I too use way too much punctuation and smilies when typing online. It's funny too b/c I have an English degree, and really I know better, but for some reason the internet just breaks all the rules! lol.

Oh yeah...I just decided to register for CKC Louisville, which I'm incredibly excited about...Are there any good scrappy places to shop in the Ville?

~*~ Stephanie ~*~ said...

LOL My birthday is October 26 and Halloween has always been my favorite because of my birthday -- however it always made me sad because Halloween sort of marked the END of birthday time for me!

Anonymous said...

I am addicted to Sonic's Diet Vanilla Coke!!!! It is the best. Especially during their happy hour. I am a school teacher and taking a sabbitical for a year while my husband is in Iraq, and I determined that teaching special ed with all the paper work is more stressful than my husband being in Iraq!!! I am working at my LSS, Scrapbook Sisters, in Stillwater, OK and enjoying every moment!!!

Anonymous said...

i am totally crackin up at 7-year old you writing "BILL" on your papers. too funny!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny about sleeping with a cover. I'm the same way...if its really hot I'll poke my feet out. When I was little I had reoccuring nightmares that Indian's were trying to get me. My mom told me to stay covered and that would protect me! Isn't it funny how we're older and know better but still need protecting?

pakosta said...

lOve your random list!
my brother changed my name from tracey dawn to tara dawn. he was 12. so glad he did! he told all my relatives that tara dawn was my name even though it wasn't, so my mom liked it and stayed with it!!! LOL! so i can relate!tara

Anonymous said...

My parents DID actually name me Heather Leigh - same spelling!! You would have loved the name, I promise :)