Friday, January 30, 2009

Home Again! (And not entirely sure I wanna be!)

Oh, yes....I left sunny California Wednesday.....for this. THIS! The worst natural disaster in Kentucky in recent (and not so recent) history. So many homes without power, so much's just horrible. The kiddos have been out of school the entire week and it's not looking very hopeful that they'll be going back Monday as we're supposed to be receiving a fresh batch of this (I'll grudgingly admit, beautiful) white stuff somewhere in the range of 3-14". Oh joy.
I am counting my blessings that I'm home safely with my boys - without any flight delays I might add - and we (currently) have heat...most necessary in this bitter cold.
Here's praying that all of you effected by this horrible storm are safe and warm. I'll post tomorrow with some happier thoughts...more new BasicGrey from CHA-Winter '09.



Shannon said...

It is CRAZY around here isn't it!!!! And to think I was in the Bahamas last week ;)

Anonymous said...

this weather is so strange
you have too much
and we're under water conservation
oh stay safe sweetie!

Melanie said...

glad you got home safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

hee hee now i can visit your blog and imagine your cute little accent while i read. :) that snow is crazy! stay warm!

Melanie H said...

Im so sorry your area has been hit with such devestation.

It looks so beautiful but Mother nature can sure play tricks on us at times.

I hope that the house that lost power can be restored soon.

Sarah Mullanix said...

Oh's amazing that something so devastating can actually be beautiful too (at least in the pictures)!! I'm in Indiana so we have lots of the same things going on here...just thankful that I stay @ home with my kiddos (who have been out of school this week also) and have nowhere to go...been trying to scrap for fun after the hectic week from CHA. Looking forward to more BG posts tomorrow.


Misty said...

Hi & welcome home...sorry it isnt the "warmest" welcome though! My brother is actually headed in your direction (from Mississippi) with his crew of linemen...hopeing to restore power to those without! I totally admire his dedication to his job in times like this! So, sending prayers to those effected and along with my brother (and all other workers) for safety and warmth! (((HUGS)))


Rachel Carlson said...

oh kelly, i'm so sorry to hear all of this. it looks bitter cold. hang in there, stay warm and snuggle a LOT! it was so nice to see you at cha and trade with you - HA! you need to send me an email though, i need to do something for you and fast. take care of you sweet girl! xoxo, rachel

Marilyn Nimmo said...

While the photos are beautiful, the damage and danger are not. Stay safe and warm during this storm. I am glad you are with your family and not separated and worried about each other. Texas escaped with very little damage, but our neighbors in Oklahoma and Arkansas were hit so much harder. However, it looks like Kentucky has been hit very hard. You are all in our prayers.

stephanie howell said...

Holy cow! Stay warm, sweet thing!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww! Slapping my head! How could I have not gone over there?!!! Awwwww!----teri

pakosta said...

my brother lives in danville KY and they had to leave their home for a hotel because of no heat. poor things!
stay safe! tara