Thursday, May 14, 2009


Metamorphosing. Is that a word?

Anyhow, here's the story: Ethan and Turner started collecting caterpillars the other day. Honestly I wasn't so sure they'd survive the first night in the new makeshift home of Tupperware filled with leaves, but survive they did. And even more, just a couple of days later they started to do this...
Check out that web-looking thing in the upper left (just off center)....that's one of the caterpillars almost completely encased in his cocoon! The boys are over the moon they're so excited!

By the way, did you know you wake a sleeping caterpillar by rubbing his back? No? Well now you do! (That's my 3rd grade science tip of the day!) We'll keep you posted if anything changes!

ETA: I did some research and found that this caterpillar is the Eastern Tent Caterpillar...not sure what kind of butterfly or moth it becomes (or what it looks like but off to look at that now!) Since first posting this, two catey's are now in their cocoons! :) Ok, ewwwwwwwwwwwww....perhaps I shouldn't have found this! ha!

Happy Thursday!


Kim said...

Hi there. Just another Mom of a 3rd grade boy here. My son LOVES collecting these each year to watch them change and become butterflies. One cool thing is that as long as you "feed" them the plant that they were on when the boys found them they should go ahead and do their thing and be fine. Last year we had some very pretty butterflies. Good luck. Love your blog BTW> :)

Lisa VdV said...

I bet it's metamorphosizing. Whatever it is, you are going to have some gnarly moth'y-looking things in a short time. But at least they're not outside killing your trees :) I'm good at looking at the bright side. xo

Summer Braxton said...

My parents spent a few hundred dollars some years ago to plant caterpillar and butterfly attracting plants. Their grandkids catch the caterpillars every year and watch them turn their chrysallises (?? chrysalli ??). I was sitting on the porch one afternoon watching the kids and one of the chrysallises started shaking. I spent the next hour glued to that cage watching the butterfly emerge. It was almost as cool as delivering my own baby. My niece and nephew have seen dozens of butterflies "hatch."

Stephanie (steffogal1) said...

super cool MOMMY YOU ARE :)
Thanks for sharing :)

Cynthia Baldwin said...

What a fun lesson your kids will learn just by watching the caterpillars' changing.
A couple of years ago, my sister bought my daughter a "butterfly garden", complete w/ 5 caterpillars. 5 out of 5 of those turned into butterflies - it was SO cool!

Colby said...

Hi Kelly! Fun to see your post. I also have the same 3 lenses as you for my XTi. My favorite (and newest addition) is the 50mm. I almost never want to take this lens off my camera anymore. I did buy the zoom lens for far away events (graduations, weddings, etc), but unfortunatelky haven't gotten many great photos with this lens. After seeing the shots you posted, I am inspired to put the lens back on and try again! Can't wait to see BG news later!

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog about insects and photography, so interesting and exciting believe it or not :)

Karen M