Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Official!


Summer officially began at 8:47pm Saturday night with our first trip to this adorably quaint (and rural) mom & pop store for some homemade ice cream! And trust me, we weren't alone! It seems like everyone else had the same idea, too, after a picture-perfect weather kind of day! I hold by the premise that absolutely nothing screams summer like a huge cone of homemade goodness! (The only problem we had was deciding what kind to get!)

I hope you had a summer-y weekend as well!


Michelle said...

Beautiful up here in WI too!!! I am glad you had a great weekend!! We stopped for ice cream as well last night. Not a fun mom and pop place, but still it was ice cream!!

Scrapbook Obsession said...

Love your photos and story, Kelly. Summer is definitely here, too. We spent the weekend with baseball, hot weather, and a family field trip to a California mission. The golden poppies and the lupine were everywhere - so lovely ...

Have a great week!