Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where did August go?!

Where did it go?

It seems like just the other day I was saying good bye to July and the crazy hot temps we'd had around here and already it's time to do the same to August.

I like to think I know what filled it up - back to Cub Scouts and football and school for the boys, birthdays, quite a bit of traveling coming up for me - but in all honesty, it just disappeared! I wish I could say things were going to calm down a bit, but nope. It'll just settle into more of a hectic routine. I do love it though. Cheering at football games, organizing Cub Scout activities, volunteering at school, teaching - I can't get enough. All I can hope for is that I'll organize my time a little better so as to not to keep missing out on my blogging. :)

Stay tuned this week (I swear!) for a fun giveaway from Ella and from me as well. In the meantime, here are a few snapshots from the past week. Let the fall begin!




Michelle said...

OMG!!! Did I count right?? Carson is 7??? Where did that time go!!!! Gosh, the boys are growing up so fast!! I love the back to school pic of them.. Check out those new sneakers!! I don't think life ever slows or settles down. I wish it would tho!!! And yeah, I blinked and August was gone!! Hope the boys are liking school so far!!

Julie Howard said...

Now see... if this had been a string of photos that I had snapped, that last one would have been the cake decorations up in flames. How in the world did you not catch those bad boys on fire?! Super cute cake and great photos. (Even without the fire one... which I know there *had* to be.) :P

Linda Beeson said...

I am actually devastated that summer is almost gone! I so love the longer days of sunlight!!! Those are some pretty cute photos though!

Sarah said...

IKWYM!!! it went fast - however in the UK my boys are back at school in September (just a few days to go!) Love the photo of the 3 boys in their Scout uniform - they look so smart!!!

Hugs Sarah xxx

Kristin Hayne said...

WOW!! Your boys have gotten so big Kelly!! Time sure does fly!! Enjoy the chaos!!

?? said...

love your scrapping