Friday, August 12, 2011

It's gotta be a record!

Yep, I think it just might be a record! I can hardly believe it, but I completed a vacation album in LESS than a week since I've been back - in 4 days actually (that's practically only a 1/2 week)! And *that*, folks, is why I love pre-preparing these things! You might note that there is a formula I follow on almost all my minis so that I can get them done in a reasonable time. I develop two 2-page spreads and then do variations of it all throughout the album. It makes it come together quickly, keep things uniform in appearance and helps stretch supplies! Then all I had to do once I sat down with is is crop and print a few photos, add journaling and call it good! SO easy and I am loving how it turned out. BasicGrey's Lauderdale was just perfect for this little project. And since I promised I'd share, here you go:

A little photo punched with a 2" circle punch was just perfect for the middle of that bracket label diecut!
One of my favorite places - Harbor Town. The insert at the right holds more photos and is tucked into one of the pockets of the album.

So excited how this turned out and absolutely thrilled that I got down my memories before I forgot some of the little details. The boys have already poured over this, too - checking out photos of themselves - and truly that's what it's all about, isn't it?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Scrapthat said...

GORGEOUS mini!! I really love the two page rarely see them in minis! TFS!

Kelly Massman said...

This is so cute!

A Sarasota said...

just love the mini!

Michelle L. said...

Mini book.... HUGE talent.
Are you for real, Kelly??!? ;)

Michelle said...

This is such a great mini!! I love it!! I too love the double page spreads and the little tags for extra photos and journaling. Such great colors and embellies!

Christina Carnoy said...

that is just plain adorable! love the bright colors!

Amanda gentry said...

Awesome book! I recently went to Florida and finished my mini in a week too! I'm so happy I got a mini for myself done!!

LovetoScrapLeslie said...

I absolute LOVE this mini album..everything hangs together beautifully!!! Question: Do you use a stencil for your stitching, free hand or is it actual sewing?

Thank you for the inspiration!!!


Juanita said...

Really cute mini! What kind of white pen are you using to journal and stitch with?

BabyBokChoy said...

I was just at a beach and my photos looked nothing like yours, I will just blame on the crowded place instead of my poor skills :) xoxo

Jane said...

Just gorgeous Kelly - it's so bright and vibrant and alive!!