Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's the first day of SCHOOL!!

Hello, everyone!

I'm so excited to share a little something with you today but first I have to let out a big "WHOOO HOOOO!!! It's the first day of school!!" shout! And while I know the adults in the house were just a smidge more excited than the little people about that (when you work from home, summer can be a bit hairy at times ;)), everyone was up and ready to head out the door on time....with even a few minutes given to mom to snap the required photos.
My handsome guys. Ethan - 6th grade (and now a Middle-schooler!), Turner - 3rd grade and Carson - 2nd grade. They're getting so big now I can hardly stand it. Seriously. My baby will be 8 in just a few short days. Anyhow...

It really is with a bitter-sweet sadness that summer is officially winding down. We've had the most amazing (and jam-packed) few months and I hate to see it end. On the other hand, with the end of summer we get the wonderful beauty of Fall, football games and sweater weather! But with school fast approaching if not already here (and you're anything like me), you're already (or still) scrambling a bit trying to get supplies and clothes bought, backpacks picked out, lunches packed and teacher presents to make. And while I can't help you much with packing lunches (just don't do tuna ;)), I CAN help you with a super quick and easy gift for your brand new teachers using OXFORD by BasicGrey. Have you played with this line yet? It's so amazing for back to school, boys and everything in between! You'll love it and you'll love that these little notecards take just minutes and will take one more thin off you're "to do" list! And here's how they're done:

Supplies Needed:

2 sheets 8.5x11" black cardstock

1 pkg. BasicGrey Oxford Chip Sticker Shapes

1 sheet BasicGrey Oxford alpha stickers

1 sheet BasicGrey Oxford Letterman's Jacket

1 sheet BasicGrey Oxford Dean's List

1/8" hole punch


corner rounder

black brads


1. Start with 4.25x5.5" black card bases. (An 8.5x11" sheet of paper will yield you two cards).

2. Trim Piece of Dean's List (tablet) to 3.25x4.5". Round bottom two corners.

3. Print sentiment at the bottom of the sheet (using printer or hand-journaling).

4. Using the 1/8" hole punch, punch a row of holes along the top of the tablet block approximately 1/4" from the top edge.

5. Trim into each hole from the edge using scissors, then fray to create a "faux" notebook edge.

6. Adhere table block frayed edge up to the center of a black cardstock base.

7. Trim a 1/2" strip of Letterman's Jacket against the grain so there are more stripes per strip. Adhere horizontally across the card just above the sentiment. Trim away any excess.

8. Adhere a chip sticker shape to the top of the tablet block above the striped strip.

9. Add a title (naming the chipboard piece) to the tablet block as it fits best.

And there you have it! It's that easy and look how cute they are?! I think any teacher would just love them.

And just as a reminder: the calendar giveaway in the post below is still open (for now!) Hop over there by clicking this link to get entered to win!

Happy Hump Day & Happy Back-to-School!




Tanya said...

Oh your little guys are just adorable! They looks so happy to be going back.

Love your cards, so cute. And love the step by step pics too!

Tracey said...

Your little men are too adorable! Great picture!!

Love your cards! Perfect gift for a teacher!!

Kelly Massman said...

Love the photo and the cards are really cute!

Melanie said...

can NOT believe how big they are!

and what teacher wouldn't love those cards?!

StacyLee Daubenberger said...

I love taking first day of school photos, too :) These cards are just adorable! I'm going to make a set for my son's teacher, thanks for the great idea!

Eagle Craftz said...

That is just too adorable! Thank you for sharing detailed instructions.

PaperVine said...

These are gorgeous.
I love how you have created the notepad border :-)

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