Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy Halloween & WELCOME NOVEMBER!

Hello, all!!

Welcome to NOVEMBER!! Whoot! So glad to see October its way out the door. It was one doozy of a month, but before we let it go, the Goree family sent it out with a bang - Halloween style!

It's long been known that I freaking adore Halloween!I love the colors, I love the crisp air, I love the falling leaves, and I have the most fun making coordinating costumes for the boys! Unfortunately as always, I was running behind in getting these made and they may or may not have been completely dry when we headed out the door! ;)

This year's theme as thought up by my husband - and executed by me (I have to get that in there!) - was PAC MAN. I have to admit as a true child of the 80's I was a Pac Man champ! It was my game - even above Centipede and Donkey Kong - so this was SO much fun (and relatively easy) to do. 

A couple of moving boxes, a few cans of spray paint and some of my cardstock stash and voila - a video game come to life. Wocka, wocka!

Even Ms. Pac Man got in on the deal. Looks like I got run down by the red ghost, Blinky. Better go eat my large white dot....

And now I get to chase them!

It was chilly, but at least the rain stayed away. It reminded me of my Halloweens of childhood!

 LOL I loved seeing the back of their costumes walking down the street. It made me smile!

I hope your Halloween was just as festive and that everyone stayed safe. Please come back tomorrow because even though it's MY birthday, I'm giving one of you special people a gift and sharing some more fun with Little Yellow Bicycle's Acorn Hollow & the amazing Courtney Walsh!

Here's to NOVEMBER! (here here!)



Cynthia Baldwin said...

Great costumes! (And yet another reason we have to hang on to our cardstock/scrapbook stash. ;) )
Love the backs of the costumes too! Awesome.

Kelly said...

Those are fabulous!

Michelle said...

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend!!! (a few hours early). I hope you have the most wonderful birthday!!!!
LOVE the costumes. I too played a lot of Pac-man. ;)

Unknown said...

you are way too cute! Love the costumes!! Fantastic job on them! :)

Happy Birthday (I think I am a day or two late).

Sharli Schaitberger said...

GREAT costumes - so inspiring - thank you!!!

Kim H said...

I LOVE those costumes, it brings back such good memnories of me playing pacman lol had to call the hubby over to see them, great idea. thanks for sharing the pics.