Tuesday, July 09, 2013

SCT Design Team Week + Carte Postale Mini Album

Hi, all!

For almost two weeks, the awesome folks at Scrapbook & Cards Today are featuring on of their design team members daily! It's such a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse into some of your favorite artists and the eye candy is truly out of this world! 

Today it just happens to be MY turn! You can check me and all the other fabulous ladies out HERE. We were to share a favorite tip/trick/style/whatever with the readers as well as a little known fact about ourselves and I wanted to bring that over here to my own blog as well! So here you go!

I love Mini Albums! I always have but unfortunately I don't always seem to find the time to get it going - case in point, my three (yes, THREE) unfinished December Daily Albums. Don't judge me! I have finally found a way to triumph over my albums though and that is with the fun pocket pages format! I LOVE it! I love being able to throw photos and such into one of the pockets and basically have my album design itself! It's so much fun! This is an example of one that I have started (and WILL finish!) documenting my work travels. It uses the new BasicGrey Carte Postale line and the colors are dreamy!

These pages document my very first overseas trip - to the amazing country of South Africa. It truly was a dream come true and still to date one of the prettiest places I have ever been!
And while we're giving away true confessions here (anyone else think I need to start a monthly blog post about that?!) I figured I'd share a fun little tidbit about me with you:
I am an only child and because of that, I was determined to have at least two children. My plan when I was younger (like middle school - yes, we girls think of those things even back then!) was to have three boys. God has a sense of humor and gave me exactly what I wanted.

Have a great day!


Anya said...

Kelly, this mini look awesome! Actually, everything you make looks awesome!

alexandra s.m. said...

Oh Kelly, this is the most beautiful mini album EVER!!
I have ordered the same from BG and cannot wait to see it in the mail ;-)

Thank You!

Melanie said...

let's start a club! i also have three unfinished december daily albums. ;)

Dorina D said...

Beautiful pictures for a fun mini. Love that you can get so many pics, and lots of journaling with minimal work and that you can finish it. Thanks for sharing. But, I did get my Christmas Album finished this year, still working on catching up all the nieces pics from last year, but Christmas is done.

Kelly Goree Photography said...

We're alike in more ways that that, Mel ;)

Mendi Yoshikawa said...

Your book turned out awesome! Love the colors and your style throughout! :)