Friday, January 11, 2008

My Birthday Boy

My baby turned 8 two weeks ago today. I always take him out (as with his brothers) for his annual portrait session, but due to the funky weather we've been having, we didn't get out until today. I love doing these portrait sessions with my boys because it really lets me see how much they've changed year after year. And this sure was a big year for change for E. I could hardly believe it.

Gone was the baby face of just a year ago. Now he has adult teeth and big feet and picky taste. He's shooting up so fast that right before Christmas, he was one size, but in less than two weeks, he's another. He's bright, handsome and funny (*ahem*, even if often too funny according to his teacher). He's a great, if not always patient, big brother. He makes me laugh like no one else but can get me frustrated just as quickly. He's got my brown eyes and when I look into them I feel like I'm looking in the mirror, he's so like me. He is strong and athletic, gentle and kind. He loves video games, football, Harry Potter, his dog and 98% of the time, his family. He melts my heart when I see him sleeping he looks like such an angel, but has this devilish grin that does the same. He's the one that showed me what my purpose in life was. He is the one that made me a Mama.

He's my first born.
My first love.
And I am so grateful to be his mom.

Happy Birthday, Ethan.


debbiec said...

aawww...what a doll!!! love you post. so sweet!
happy birthday, ethan! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow... your boys are growing up so fast!

stephanie howell said...

oh, kelly...
what a sweet tribute.
what you wrote makes me want to have a little boy.
happy birthday, ethan~ you have a very special mommy!!

Mom of 3 Boys said...

Your note abt your son made me tear up!!!

Have a great time at CHA!!