Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fits right in.

Oh, yeah. He fits right in. It seems I can't have a family member under 8 who doesn't love sticks. When the boys were out playing the other day, Fletcher had to get in on the act. He's looking mighty pleased with himself, don'tcha think?? And I swear he's twice the size as when Santa left him with us. Must be all those sticks he's eating, eh? :)

So, anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! I hope it's been off to a fabulous start for you and yours. I've been meaning to update for days and the longer I put it off the more I wanted to say so, well...I'm not the Queen Procrastinator for nothing.

Since Christmas, we've celebrated Ethan's birthday - my oldest is now an 8-year-old!- just a few days after Christmas. We spent it with my parents at the Louisville Slugger Baseball Museum (where they manufacture the famous bats) and then had a quiet dinner. A Lazer tag party is coming up later this month now that school's back in session. Those of you with holiday babes know just how hard it is to get people together for a kid's party this time of year.

Speaking of school, the boys started up again Thursday. I think they were ready to get back. They were tired of just having each other to bug and missed their friends at school and the routine. I find it strangely quiet in the house again with them gone most of the day, but Carson does his best to make up for it when he gets home from Pre-school.

Other than that, I'm busy gearing up for CHA in just a few more weeks. It's coming up fast and I personally can't wait to hit California in the middle of winter! It's been disgustingly bitter cold the past week or more and I'm ready for some heat.

Happy Play-off Sunday!



Susan Weinroth said...

Fletcher is SOOOOO cute!!!! :) loving the red collar... and all of your holiday pics! :)

stephanie howell said...

Fletcher is so stinkin' cute.
And 8 year olds are so fun...I was (am) a teacher...2nd grade and i LOVE that age.
happy new year, friend!!

kelly said...

fletcher looks like such a fun playmate :)

Anonymous said...

your dog is soooo cute.. and I like his name too (my nine year old is also Fletcher!)

The Sonboul's said...

LOL about the "I can't have a family member under 8 who doesn't love sticks." I too have little ones under 8 that love sticks and rocks".It just must be a boy thing!

Janine Wahl said...

What a little sweetie, Kelly! Glad to hear that 2008 is off to a great start (or so it sounds).

Hopefully, I'll make it out to CHA, not entirely sure, waiting anxiously on a few variables! If not Winter then it will be summer.

Have a great 2008! Hoping to have one myself!

Molly said...

Fletcher is just so so so adorable, Kelly! I bet your kids are head over heels in love with him! :D
Hey, if you ever need a break from the cold, you can always stay with us in Hawaii ;)