Friday, June 19, 2009

*Turning 7* - a celebration in pictures!

Yesterday was such a fantastic day for my boy. Birthdays are great, anyhow, but when you're the middlest, you seem to have an extra desire to have a day where all the attention is on you. And so it was. And he milked it. Completely. But we loved every second of it!

The day started with the singing of "Happy Birthday" (add the cha-cha-cha if you please)- his request - followed by "Daddy made" pancakes complete with a candle for him to blow out (the boy got 3 birthday wishes in all!). Unfortunately the morning was verrrrrrrry rainy so it canceled out our plans for a day at the pool, but video and board games and a little drawing time took care of that.

He picked his lunch (a ham sandwich and, yeah, that wouldn't have been my choice either!) and after a quick "quiet time"/nap, he got up to a plate full of cuppy cakes, another wish and a couple of presents from his brothers. Let me tell you anyone with seven-year-old boys need to know that Bakugans are HUGE hits. Seriously. He just loved them. (Thanks, Glue!)

Dinner was at Red Robin (yummmmmmmmmmmm) where the actual Red Robin came out with the waitstaff to sing to Turner. He absolutely loved it. I think the kid was floating the rest of the night! Yet MORE candles and another cake here at RR....many more birthday presents....and we were spent! What a fantastic day for my boy. (And I know it was because he told me so ;))

I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday, Turner. I hope this year is your best one yet!

And for me, today starts the beginning of my work for CHA. I see quite a few hours holed up in my teeny craft closet coming up, so I wanted to put this up. Again, I'm doing my best to follow along with the amazing Jen McGuire and her "Thinking Inking" class over at Two Peas! Jen is amazing and this class is NINE weeks long! So much wonderful information and fantastic techniques!

As a reminder, I will be giving away some stamps/ink each week that she's doing the class, starting with THIS WEEK! If you will link me up here by SUNDAY at 11:59 p.m. eastern, you will be entered in my drawing! It doesn't take long - it's just a "little" messy ;) - and I hope to see your creations! In the spirit of it all, here was mine from week 1, part II. Part III goes up today and can be found here!

Happy Friday, all!


Kirsty Wiseman said...

Oh what a treat! Im so envious of those cuppy cakes. You know, Houston (who lives in Colorado) and I dream of opening a cup cake shop and calling it Cuppy Cakes. This is very true.
If my CD takes off in the USA I shall but a little dwelling and serve the bestest cuppy cakes ever and they will be dinky and perfectly formed. Just like some one I know ;)

Unknown said...

What great shots of Turner's B-day celebration. He looks so happy!
I love your beautiful card!

Jocelyn said...

I just love all the photos and especially the lighting on them!!! It looks like Turner had a wonderful Birthday and ohhhhh that card is so stunning!!! Have a great one! :)

Britta Swiderski said...

Yummy cupcakes! I hope your little guy had a wonderful birthday. :) Your Thinking Inking project is adorable- I can't wait to see more of what you come up with. I love this class from Jennifer McGuire. I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up with an entire line of Ranger products by the time it's done. :) Thanks for the chance to win- I would love some more distress ink colors and stamps!

lisa truesdell said...

yay for bakugan and cuppycakes and polkies!!!!!

and dang - you are getting to be quite the stamper, miss kg!! ;)

Leica Forrest said...

seriously, party that must have been the best! cupcakes to die for, bakugans and family. way to go super mom!

Heather M. said...

happy birthday to your guy! looks like he had an awesome celebration! :)

i've been loving jennifer's class too. i want to buy more inks now! ha!

thought i'd share the card i made. it was messy but so fun!

stephanie howell said...

happy belated birthday sweet, handsome turner.
so glad you had a special day. xo

Unknown said...

Oh Kelly!
It looks like he had an absolutely incredible day!!! What fabulous pictures too!
Love those cupcakes! ;)

Elaine said...

Incredible fun colors in the photos (they'll make AMAZING pages, won't they?) Love your hearts with Tim's inks!! WOW!! I have been watching Jennifer and am finally free for a couple hours so I can play tomorrow too!!

Carol said...

i've been following the videos too and it makes me itch to buy some distress inks. love the hearts!

Lucy Abrams said...

What gorgeous photos of your son - and as a middle child myself, I can totally relate. LOVE your card too - I spotted it over at 2Peas - just beautiful. You've inspired me to get out those patterned hearts again. Thank you :)

DebW said...

What a great day for Turner! Suzanne took me to Red Robin for the first time a few mos ago and we met Howie Mandel there!!

Carolyn E said...

I popped over here after seeing your amazing cards from Jennifer's class, wow, you are very talented! And your doing a giveaway! Too cool!

Here is one of my cards from part 3...

Shannon said...

I'm loving all your fun cards!
I totally didn't get mine made, but by darn, I will! :)