Saturday, August 26, 2006

Flag Football Fiasco

sigh. It really *was* that bad. Seriously. I've never been so disappointed in a children's athletic program in my life. Now granted, we're somewhat new to this. But Ethan has now played 4 seasons of soccer and I have coached cheerleading since I've been in high school, so I have a pretty good idea how a program is supposed to be run, and this sure wasn't it.
The poor little guys on our team (6 and 7-year- olds) have only had 1 practice before our game today. And their coach didn't even bother to stay for the entire time. So the dads stepped in. But it wasn't enough. These kids had NO idea what they were doing. And they were paired against a team that did. Ten minutes into the game and the score was already 30-0. By the half, the kids were just crushed. Many of them were crying. My son wasn't one of them - he was ticked. But still. It was miserable. And hot. And I was ticked along with my son.

You can bet come Monday morning, the park league is going to hear about this. Mama Bear is ready. You don't mess with her cub, know what I mean? So as far as I'm concerned, we're done with this particular team and season. I don't condone quitting and I certainly don't mind losing, that's all a part of the game. But when there is no instruction and certainly no program put in place, well, we'll just save ourselves the headache. We'll give it a go next year and see if it's any better, but you can be certain we'll make darn sure we're not having the same coach.

So since it was his one and only Flag football game of the season, here's my boy. These pics were all taken during the pregame warm well, their team never made it past the other teams' 20-yard line the entire game. It was the only time the football ever made it into Ethan's hands.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly...that is terrible.
If the dad wasn't ready to commit he shouldn't have agreed to coach.
I just feel bad for the kids.
Definitely make that call.

Cute picture though!


Anonymous said...

what a bummer. poor kids.

you go momma make sure they get this program right!!!

Tracey Odachowski said...

That just stinks, Kelly! I'm so sorry for all of them. I can't imagine how heartbroken they were. :( You go make a ruckus! (btw...Love the 'mama bear' and 'cub' thing...we say the same thing here! hehe)

Janet O. said...

Hoo boy...sounds like Bubba's fall baseball coach. Not committed, indifferent, B stands in the outfield for the whole time, bored to death. I don't get why people sign up to coach if they don't really want to. I'm sorry Kelly!!

Jana said...

I'm SO sorry to hear about this! Heaven knows we've had our share of crappy sports seasons but we've never had the coach leave on us like that. Hope you get some answers & results!!

Unknown said...

OH, I've be upset too!!
(Can't wait till it's my turn to be at all these sports
Hope you can talk some sense to that coach!! Hugs ~Dawn

Anonymous said...

oh MAN!! now that just plain p**ses me off!!! Is he still the coach?? Somebody should make him resign!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Kelly, I don't blame you for wanting to end the season early! Kids can get hurt without proper coaching -- it's just crazy! Take care and better luck in the future!

Anonymous said...

Poor babies! At least he took it well. I would have been mad too. Go mama bear. Protect your cubs!