Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day 11

And what a day it was.

Ok, so I've even been bad at keeping up with my photo a day for December, but I'm really trying. Darn those holidays for getting in the way of me preparing for the holidays! ;) Today's picture is the boys with Santa. I absolutely ADORE this Santa and we make a point to visit him every year at a local mall. He's very good with kids, the boys never are afraid of him (a big accomplishment for any Santa around my boys) and he looks so darn authentic.

Our visit was a bit of a spur of the moment trip as Turner had had a really rough day visiting the allergist and getting his scratch tests done. Bless him, he was such a trooper but it was so hard....so hard that I was crying too I felt so badly for him. Thankfully I think we've got a good, clear course of action to keep those allergins at bay and keep him healthier year-round. What a blessing! Since we had to make a trip into town anyway, I thought a Santa visit might be just what would cheer him up, and judging by his smile, I think it worked :) I only hope Santa can fit all they want on his sleigh. It might be a tight fit this year!

Hmmm. Only 13 more shopping days til Christmas (we celebrate mostly on Christmas Eve). Are you all ready or scurrying to get it done like me??!

P.S. The adorable vintage frame on the Santa picture is by Rhonna Farrer and is available here. So cute!

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Anonymous said...

aww.i feel your pain on the allergies.. my whole family is off the charts allergic.. we should all be on shots! :( poor guy. Hope he feels better. Those scratch tests are awful! hope you're doing well kelly! :-)