Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow Day!

This morning when the alarm went off at 6:05, we awoke to an 1" of snow with it still coming down. And around here, that means SNOW DAY! I know all you New Englanders are cracking up right now, but it's true. And dont' even get me started on the grocery raids with the threat of snow. That's another post for another time. Anyhow, since we don't often get snow and snow days here (which might seem contradictory considering I blogged about snow just a few days ago, but I swear it's true!), we took full advantage of it - after sneaking back to bed for another good hour and 1/2! (aaahhh...heaven!)

The boys ran out first preparing their snowballs for the upcoming battle with what was apparently some awesome packing snow. I ventured out a little later with my camera trying to make good on the rare opportunity. Thank goodness I did because all of that good white stuff was nothing but slush by lunchtime. Ah well. We had fun while it lasted and I think I'm good until next winter ;) Have I mentioned I hate the cold??!

But before we went in, the boys all got together to pose for a picture for me. I think I should have known something was up as they all raised their arms armed with snowballs "for the picture." Uh, yeah. Thank goodness most of them have lousy aims! ;) They're cute, even if they're being punks!

I am just about to figure out what's going to happen here and that I've been set up (yeah, I'm slow!). They're yelling "SNOWBALL!", what else. Carson's face totally cracks me up here.

And finally - fleeing before the other 3 snowballs find their way in my direction!
Have a fabulous day!


stephanie howell said...

gorgeous photos..
so glad y'all had fun.
happy wednesday!

Tracey Kendall said...

these are great captures and looks like they had fun!

The Sonboul's said...

LOVE THOSE SNOW PICS. You make me want to live in the snow

shelby valadez said...

lucky you to ahve a snow day! All we have here is a bunch of rain. Great pictures :)

Charlene Teo said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love your photos! I miss those snowing fun at Lake Tahoe!

Angelia said...

I'm so jealous of your snow! But, glad that you got some lovely photos and had a great time :D We are still dreaming of snow here in MS. Thank you for the blog comment. I won't be at CHA. Covered up with my book work, and teaching this spring. Hoping for CHA summer though. Have a great show,

melissa deakin said...

hi kelly!
oh my goodness...i love these photos so much!
nothing like a snow day and some extra sleep.
happy weekend!

Darleen said...

great pics,love the B/W........