Friday, August 18, 2006

I was TAGGED!!

Ah, heck! I've been tagged by Jamie Cottrell - I'll get you for this, girl! ;) Here are my responses...sometimes I wish I led a more exciting life!

1. If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be?

Anywhere as long as it's near the ocean.
2. What's your favorite article of clothing?
Comfy, straight legged, dark wash denim jeans
3. Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex?
Ohhh...eyes, definately the eyes :)
4. What's the last CD that you bought?
BonJovi's Have a Nice Day and Sugarland.
5. Where's your favorite place to be?
With my family.
6. Where's your least place to be?
At the doctors! ICK!
7. What's your favorite place to be massaged?
My shoulders and neck.
8. Strong in mind or strong in body?
HA! Right now I don't think I'm strong in either though I'd love to be strong in BOTH!
9. What time do you wake in the morning?
6:30 am (Ethan's bus comes at 7:10).
10. What's your favorite kitchen appliance?
Favorite? Um, I guess I'd have to say my refridgerator...or my microwave.
11. What makes you really angry?
Not being heard.
12. If you could play any instrument, what would it be?
13. What is your Favorite color?
14. Which do you prefer, sports car or SUV?
I actually like both, but SUV is much more practical for me right now with three small boys.
15. Do you believe in afterlife?
16. Favorite children's book?
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.
17. What is your favorite season?
18. What's your least favorite household chore?
Cleaning the bathrooms.
19. If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Oh....The ability to fly....or maybe x-ray vision...tee hee
20. If you have a tattoo, what is it?
I'm too needle-phobic to get a tattoo though I'd really love a small one somewhere ;)
21. Can you juggle?
Do plastic bags count? If so, then yes!
22. The one person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to?
My father.
23. What is your favorite day of the week?
Saturday. It's family fun day at our house on Saturdays!
24. What's in the trunk of your car?
Jumper cables, purged scrap goodies waiting for a scrap-yard sale and various kiddie toys!
25. Which do you prefer, sushi or hamburger?
Definately a hamburger....or more accurately, a CHEESEburger!

Ok, time to tag three more...Jana,Court and girls are next!


Anonymous said...

Now see, that wasn't so bad!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

Ooooh fun answers!!! :)

Unknown said...

That was a cool tag!! loved your answers! ~Dawn

Anonymous said...

hehe...I want to get a "small" tatoo too!!!!

Jana said...

I've been tagged, huh?! Ok, I'll do your challenge tomorrow!! Thanks for thinking of me. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love your answers Kelly (Jamie tagged me, too, and I'm digging everyone's answers)!