Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ok, one more...

because I just couldn't help myself. And because I think a "week" needed to be at least five. ;)

After all this mini album talk this week, I cleaned out my big basket of minis today and came across this one. It's one of my faves, I think, because it took the shortest amount of time to do and it was such a fabulous way to use pictures that weren't so great but had alot of meaning.

This little mini is by Imagination Project (the company is now closed, but you still might find them online if you google them :)). ETA: Thank you to Gayle! She found them online at this site. Here's a link to the black one (but they also have 3 other colors :)) It came on a sheet and all I had to do was punch it out and add rings. You couldn't get more simple than that.

This album was about the first swim lessons my oldest took and I have to tell you - getting decent shots in an indoor pool isn't easy. The lighting stinks and well, I was fortunate to get the ones I got. So a mini album was a great way to go. You can see this one is only like four pages so it worked out beautifully for the limited pics I did have.
I decided to do a day per page and show what he learned each day. This was Day 1. The boys (there were only boys in his class) were just learning to put their face in the water, blow bubbles and tread. I love the goggles here. Let's just say in an indoor pool - you NEED goggles!
Day 2 was learning how to swim on your back. They learned the phrase "monkey, airplane, rocket" to remind them how to use their arms! hee! I did the phrase in American Crafts alpha stickers to remind me. ;)
Day 3 was freestyle swimming and actually having to turn your head to breathe. Ethan wasn't too into that! He'd panic halfway into his lap and start to tread before going again. Thinking at this point we might have to do more lessons!
The last day was a review of all they learned and I wanted to make sure to include a pic of his entire class. This mini is so small I could cover the entire page with a photo and add stickers directly on it! Love that.

Ok, so that's all I have for today - the bigs are with their daddy doing a scouting thing so it's just me and the little today. Trying to get some work done - wish me luck! I'm a little bored so tell me what's going on with you today. I could use a distraction! ;)

p.s. My giveaway is still going on so post on the post below to be entered to win! :)

Happy Saturday, all!


Tracey said...

Love this mini!! I don't have time to be bored today - I'm heading out to a family Christmas party soon!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

This is just adorable!!! Love the swimming ques page!!!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Ooops.. Forgot to tell you what I am doing today...Well.. are you SURE you are ready for this?
I tossed my cookies last night so I spent the am in the restroom where I 'hung out' and did lots of cleaning and scrubbing!!! I do not like germs...

So.. It's a saltines and water kinda day... dh is taking the kids to go work cattle, and then I'm going to crank out some Thank You Cards!!!!

That's life over in my world!

Jenny B in Indy said...

I love this one.. Lots of blue and orange.. My fave colors for my little guy.

I'm doing NOTHING today except maybe taking a nap. My little guy is still adjusting to his "big boy bed" and I was up til 6:15am with him. He just wouldn't sleep last night. :(

Today might be a good day to make more Christmas cards if I can keep myself awake, LOL.

Have a great day!!

Carla said...

Really cute mini! Love the black...just bring out fun colors.
I'm going to Scrapmania at Archivers tonight with some co-workers. I can't wait to get caught up. Its my idea of "mom's night out"!

Gayle said...

I love the idea that this mini book came punched out, and I did some searching and found some over at Scrap Loft.
here is a link, they are at the bottom of the page in 4 different colors (just in case you want to share with blogland)

Today, I am actually getting to scrapbook! Thank goodness for the weekends!

Erin Glee said...

I think you got really good photos of Swim Lessons, under the circumstances! Our boys learned "rocket, airplane, soldier" to remind them of their arm positions.... must be another stroke!

I like the pop-out-the-page type of mini album, but I don't think they are fast because I have to sand all the edges... I don't like the perforated paper look. TV project.

Wish I could tell you an exciting story but I am baby-ing myself after my first root canal. My old crown came off and there was decay under it, so it was an emergency type situation. I tried to get out of it by saying "this is not a good time to pay for an expensive procedure like this". "No time is GOOD. You need to take care of your health", my husband insisted~so he made me, but I'm glad it's over now and that I have a husband that cares about me more than money. Insurance pays for 1/2, but it is still expensive because 5 1/2 hours later I had a root canal AND a new crown~Wow!

Enjoy special time with your "Little" : )

Unknown said...

Kelly, I've rushed to my emailbox everyday to see what you were making! I've had so much fun that instead of giving you "mini-book" of the week - I shouted out about all 5 at Card of the You can see the original post here:

I did use a picture from your post, with links back to the site and the original post. I hope that is OK. Please feel free to email me if you need me to change anything.

I also have an “I was featured” on badge for you if you want it :D

Jennifer Priest said...

Super cute! I so love that look of a whole photo covering a mini book page and you rocked it!

Jennifer Priest said...

Oh and what I was doing today: taught a class at an LSS and now I am prepping for two more in San Diego tomorrow. Fun times.

Nicola said...

I spent the afternoon buying the entire Urban Prairie range after insisting the shop owner opened the boxes she had piled up in the back. Urban Prairie has only just made it here to the UK. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to decide which papers I should use first!!!
Sometimes the choice is too great and the best fun is flicking through them over and over and over and over again. I might actually scrap with them one day!

Anonymous said...

Your mini books are fabulous!!!
My day includes clearing out one bedroom and a bathroom for remodeling that starts on Monday!!
I am hoping to at least get a free hour tonight to add another page to my christmas album;

AmyInKy said...

Thanks for sharing one more! Love it!

Colby said...

Delighted to see another mini! Thanks for sharing!

Jami said...

WOW!!! I just found your blog from and soooo glad I did. These are amazing!! I just love them all!!!
hugs, Jami

MireiaKDS said...

loooooooooooooove this mini kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


peata said...

this is a fab mini.
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